The Special series of Artesive contains all the decoration products obtained from our adhesive films. From Alphabet adhesive letters to Tily tile stickers to Minirolls perfect for touch-ups or finishes. Decorating the house becomes fun and easy with Artesive products. Discover more

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Special Interior Films

Spezialfolie in der Küche

Our special adhesive foils are also available in four different widths. Simply state the desired number of meters in your order and your film will be cut to your desired length.

With our special films, you can easily stick corners and edges, as they are made of a very robust and adaptable material. Thanks to the special adhesive, repositioning is possible at any time shortly after application. The adhesive only develops its full effect after a longer period of adhesion.

Advantages of adhesive films

  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Very adaptable
  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy attack
  • Remarkably textured surface
  • Particularly long-lasting on smooth surfaces
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy maintenance
  • Intense colour

Benefits for you as a customer

  • High quality film
  • Choice of many designs
  • Different widths available
  • Bubble-reduction
  • Only simple tools required
  • Free sample available
  • Custom made sizes
  • Short delivery times
  • Free shipping from 150€

Our current range of Special adhesive films

Where can our Interior Films be used?

Like all our films, even those in the “special” category are suitable for internal use. The surface on which they are applied must be clean, degreased and smooth. This is the only way to get the best possible result.

The adhesive films for tiles are specially sized to simulate a tile with slightly rounded corners. They are not afraid of humidity. So you don’t need a new backsplash if you want to change the color of your kitchen.

Sticky letters are a particularly good idea, because you can use them to write wise sayings on the walls or stick them on the doors of children’s rooms.

Our special adhesive foils can be used individually and make every room or piece of furniture unique. Try the effect and have a free sample of your favorite sent to you!

How does the film application work?

The film can be applied in stages and is best done with a spatula. Matching accessories are also available from us.

1. Cut out the foil according to the required dimensions. On the back of the film, a grid helps you make a precise, straight-line cut.

2. Slightly dampen the surface to be treated with water so that the film does not stick too tightly and can be positioned more easily in the event of initial errors.

3. First place the cut film on the surface with the protective film still attached and secure with tape.

4. Start from one side to remove the protective film from the blank. First stick only a small part on the desired surface.

5. Now remove further small parts of the blank from the protective foil step by step. Using a squeegee, stroke outwards from the center to remove any air bubbles or water droplets.

6. When the foil cut is completely applied to the desired surface, you can remove the adhesive tape. Complete!

Since the foil is very robust, any dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Suitable accessories

Why should you choose ARTESIVE?

ARTESIVE is a young Italian company aimed at private individuals but also at professionals in the field of “interior design“. With its high-quality materials, they manage the balancing act between good quality and low prices.

The team of highly motivated employees is always keen to expand ARTESIVE’s product portfolio in order to be able to fulfill even more customer requests. They benefit from their expertise in the effects of various adhesive films in a wide variety of rooms.

All adhesive films are custom-made and still have short delivery times. You can request a free sample for each variant. Let the quality convince you and give your home a new design today!

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