Below you will find the answers to the most frequent questions of our customers.

What are PVC adhesive films?

PVC adhesive films (or vinyl coatings) are made of sheets of polymeric material having a lower part with an adhesive layer such as to allow direct application without the use of external adhesives.

In which field can you use adhesive films ARTESIVE?

Mainly our films are used for coating interior surfaces, such as furniture, doors or any other material you wish to renew.

What are the advantages of using a film ARTESIVE?

Mainly the advantages are given by the fact that thanks to our films any object or surface can undergo a radical change and renewal without the need to replace it, resulting in immediate savings in terms of economy, timing and labor. In many cases where the replacement involves a significant economic effort, vinyl films are an excellent alternative to replacement.

Is anyone able to apply an adhesive film?

Mainly yes. Anyone with a minimum of manual skills and a small dose of patience can apply a PVC adhesive film. Obviously every job must be done step by step. It starts by applying on flat surfaces until you get to more demanding technical work. Our tutorials can help the user in this area by providing practical suggestions on the correct application.

The ARTESIVE adhesive film is removable?

Our films have a progressive adhesiveness. It means that the adhesive does not take immediately 100%, and leaves you the possibility to remove it and reposition it during application. Caution. Only during application. Our films are designed to ensure a grip over time, so the adhesive is permanent, ie designed not to be removed except to replace the film itself or repaint the underlying surface.

So, if I apply your film and remove after a few years, the underlying surface will be damaged?

So and so. Because this depends on 90% of the surface on which the film is applied. The more the underlying surface is smooth and new, the lower the risk that in the phase of detachment at a distance of months or years, also remove what is under the film itself. On the other hand, if I have an old, damaged or porous surface, the risk of detachment is greater. From here, however, a question arises: if I have decided to renew an old or damaged surface, why should I remove the film if not to apply a new one?

After some time I decided to remove the adhesive film. Is it easy? And how do I do this?

Removal is usually quite easy. Just proceed without haste and with the help of hot air, such as a normal hair dryer for example (even better if with hot air and steam). detachment takes place quite easily. Adhesive residues may remain in some cases. To remove them, just a bit of alcohol or a rough sponge.

Your films are suitable for outdoor use?

Normally NO. We recommend internal use only, although several tests have shown that they also resist external agents when applied with specific primers, and do not yellow easily.

I purchased one of your adhesive films. I have difficulties with the application, how can I get help?

If you are in the first experiences with the application of an adhesive coating, we advise you to read the our tutorials . They are small tips well targeted to a specific purpose, which can help you to understand any technical steps. In fact, many times it is enough to have the right “right” to solve small inconveniences during application. In any case, ARTESIVE customers enjoy a preferential channel and you will be entitled to personal assistance, thanks to a special program reserved for all our customers.

What does the "Tack" of an adhesive film?

“Tack” means the value of immediate adhesion of an adhesive coating without affecting any pressure on it. The greater the immediate adhesion, the greater the tack is. Our films have a medium tack.

There is a difference in applying the adhesive film in the summer or winter?

It may seem that the outside temperature does not affect a PVC film but it does not. In winter, if the film remains for a long time in cold environments it can stiffen and become less ductile. Our advice is to always apply the film in environments with a temperature above 14/15 ° C and in case it has been for a long time in cold environments, to leave it at least 24h at a temperature equal to or above 14 ° C in a way that does not remain too rigid.

I saw some films that interest me but I would like to see them. Is it possible to have a sample?

Sure. If you wish to view our models you can request both free samples and our complete catalog. You will be able to see and touch our films and decide which model is perfect for your needs. From the Accessories page you can order both.

I would like to order from your site. It's possible? Where can I find my order?

Some of our models can be purchased directly from the official site of artesive.com To check the status of your order just enter the page “Account” where you can check the status of the order and change your information.

What is the difference between a film sold "by the linear meter" and a sold in a pre-cut roll?

If the adhesive film is sold per linear meter, it means that for each quantity inserted in the cart, the length is the same. E.g. if I enter in the quantity “3” and I have chosen the length “PER LINEAR METER” I will get a single roll 3 meters long. 3 rolls of 1 mt each will not arrive, but always a single roll equal to the indicated length.

The pre-cut rolls, on the other hand, have a fixed length indicated in the “Length” field and each number entered in the cart corresponds to the number of rolls ordered.

I'm interested in some models but from the site I can not buy them. How can I order them?

Some of our products are available only on request. It means that our company is able to produce that particular model but there are some conditions of purchase that must be agreed with the end customer. It may be necessary to order a minimum quantity or use different timings from the normal timing of the products available immediately. If you are interested in the models on request, just send us a message by clicking on the form on the desired product page.

Do you ship anywhere?

We currently ship anywhere in Europe and in some countries of the world such as USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and China. In Italy we ship to all locations served by our courier. If your address is in disadvantaged areas, you will be contacted before shipping. If you wish to ship to areas not included in our system you can contact us directly and request a quote.

How long does it take to get my order?

Normally if a product is available in our stores within 24 hours is entrusted to the courier who sends the goods directly to your address. Normally in Italy the goods arrive in maximum 1/2 days from the moment of shipment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and subsequently receive the tracking to monitor the status of your shipment.

Is it possible to return a product after receiving it? Is it possible to replace it with another model?

If you want to replace one product with another you can at a fixed rate of € 5. To avoid errors in the ordering phase, we always suggest that you ask for free samples before placing your final order. This helps you and avoids erroneously ordering.

In case you want to return the ordered product you can do it without problems within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. To make the return you must send us a request via e-mail via the form contacts . To be able to withdraw from the purchase the products must still be perfectly sealed and in the original packaging. In the case of complete withdrawal, it is possible to request the collection by our courier directly to your address. In this case the costs of withdrawal and return will be retained by the final refund.

I have a discount code. How do I use it?

On the checkout page or on the shopping cart page, you can enter your promotional discount code. Enter the code exactly as shown. It is necessary to place a minimum order to use the discount and does not include shipping if not indicated elsewhere.

I am a retailer and I want to place a very large order. Do you have a reserved price list?

We are happy that you want to order our products. Unfortunately, the department reserved for dealers is no longer available. For those who demonstrate a continuous renewal we have thought of a Loyalty Program that rewards our best customers and offers a range of benefits from an extra discount. For further questions or requests for very large orders, please send us a request directly from the contacts page.

Is it possible use of specialised applicators?

Our main objective is to offer a beautiful product on the visual side but also easy to apply on the practical side. Because the real advantage is given by the fact that every renewal can be done by the end user himself, according to his own tastes and abilities.

There are also technical applicators specialized to cover any type of surface. To make it easier for you to find an adhesive film installer, we have created a specific portal called UPPESIVE. On Uppesive.com you can enter your location and the system shows you the film applicator closest to you. You can contact him directly and request a quote based on your needs.

Each Film Installer manages itself independently and is not said to have any relationship with Artesive. On the portal you will find both Selected Artesive Applicators accustomed to working with our products and industry enthusiasts who offer to help you renew with our films. The search service is completely free for the final customer.

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