Artesive Technology

All self-adhesive films we create are born with the specific purpose of uniting quality, safety and design. Each film, before being put into production is subjected to a series of tests to ensure that the product is suitable for its use.


The Artesive film is conformable. This means that with a change in temperature, the film stretches and allows the you to make it stick even in difficult spots such as corners or edges. Just a heat gun or a hair dryer simply releases the material and deforms quickly


Artesive believe that the sense of touch is not outdone by the unique appearance of this product. For this reason all our textures, which are of a wood, metal or stone effect, give the feeling of the real material, differing by model and model.

Bubble Free System

Thanks to the Bubble Free System and the special composition, the Artesive adhesive coating joined to the thickness of the upper, it is possible to drastically reduce the irritating air bubbles that are often created during the application of a normal adhesive film.

Unimmediate fixing

Self-Adhesive films from Artesive do not have the bite immediately. Rather it is designed specifically to allow the immediate detachment and repositioning on the surface. Normally the setting increases after 24 hours of exposure and is fully set after 5 days.

Product safety

Our safe adhesive coatings from Artesive, despite not arising as products for walls, were tested for European EN15102 certification to ensure the absence of materials and chemicals which are harmful to health. Contact us for more informations about our certifications.

Ease of application

To us from Artesive, renewal must be easy, it’s not just an economic reason but also from a practical point of view. That’s why in addition to high quality materials, we offer accessories that helps the application and a lot of tutorials even to customers with less experienced.

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