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All prices of our listings are VAT INCLUDED 22%.

For each purchase a sales receipt will be issued, if requested, will be accompanied by an electronic invoice with a separate VAT rate, for this reason, the Social Region, address, tax code and VAT number must be provided. The invoice must necessarily be requested at the time of order confirmation.

The purchase does not include shipping costs that are paid by the buyer and can be consulted in the PAYMENT AND SHIPPING area. For all negotiations the following rules apply, in case of different conditions, these will be described in detail in the offer.

For questions or clarifications, consult the CONTACT area.

WARNING! Return policy in case of damaged package *

* This rule is applied ONLY on problems due to transport, for defects on products the right of withdrawal is applied according to the law (see at the bottom).

At the time of delivery by the courier there is an obligation to check the goods. The customer is required to check the integrity of the packaging and the contents of the same FRONT COURIER.

In the case of breakages due to transport it is important to know that:

  • In case of damage, obvious lacerations or mistreatment by the courier, the package must be accepted but SIGNED WITH RESERVE. Alternatively, please REPEAT THE GOODS.
  • In the event that the internal goods have breakages but the package is intact, it is mandatory to report WITHIN 24 HOURS from receipt of the damage (the date of delivery of the courier will attest) in order to have the replacement of the goods. For no reason are refunds or replacements due to damage if the report is sent after 24 hours from receipt by the courier.

These procedures, even if a bit ‘boring, are the only solutions that allow us to immediately manage the complaint with the courier and allows us to quickly return the goods that may be received is not intact.


  • The products purchased on Artesive.com are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice, except for the adhesive films which have a variable warranty depending on the models, excluding the indications described in the specific product description.
  • To be eligible for the guarantee, a copy of the invoice or sales receipt must be presented.
  • Artesive will repair or replace the defective material, at no charge to the purchaser, with the exception of expenses for any reshipment.
  • Artesive reserves the right to view the material before validating the Warranty.


Warranty: 3 years with indoor application

Cover protection against: variation of color, yellowing, cracking, lack of adhesion due to dife of the material
The warranty does not cover the problem

Cases in which the warranty on adhesive films is not valid:
– application on dirty or rough surfaces
– application on external surfaces
– application on non-smooth, deteriorated surfaces with poor adhesion
– application on surfaces subject to contact with gasoline and / or corrosive chemicals
– application on cars (car wrapping)
– application of the film with excessive tension
– color variation due to contact with unsuitable chemical agents
-, ancillary adhesion due to application on non-ideological surfaces
– breakage and / or cracking due to contact with blunt objects such as blades and / or knives
– storage and / or application in environments with high humidity or unsuitable temperatures
– damage caused to the underlying surfaces after the adhesive film has been removed

The guarantee also does not cover everything that is not expressly indicated under the heading “Guarantee against coverage”.


Legislative Decree 185/99

Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC

on contracts negotiated away from business premises

  • The customer who has purchased products for exclusive personal use at Artesive, can withdraw the purchase within 14 days. working from the delivery of the goods.
  • In order to withdraw from the purchase the products must still be perfectly sealed and in the original packaging.
  • The customer who intends to withdraw from the purchase must communicate it by registered mail or by mail, subsequently receive a goods return form (RMDR) by mail, this must be completed in its entirety and attached to the package.
  • Everything must be sent or delivered by hand at: Artesive Via Calvagese 22, 25080 Polpenazze del Garda (BS)
  • In case of re-thinking where there are no faults or deficiencies on the part of the seller, any shipping costs for the return of the material are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • In case of withdrawal where there are faults or deficiencies on the part of the seller, any shipping costs for the return of the material are the responsibility of the seller himself.
  • Artesive reserves the right to view the integrity of the material returned before processing the refund
  • The reimbursement includes only the cost of the material, not including shipping costs, ancillary costs such as packaging, cash, insurance.
  • The refund will be made using the same method used to make the same payment, unless otherwise agreed.

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