OEM products

In Artesive we can offer a “ taylor made ” service on our adhesive films, ideal for professional use and for those who want to have a personalized material.

These services are ideal for large companies that need a product designed specifically for their needs.

From graphics to mold making, it is possible to create the entire production process based on customer specifications.

The OEM service offered by Artesive starts for important productions where you want to create your own customized line satisfying the needs of your customers.

It is possible to choose the embossing, create new ones or modify the existing ones.

Thanks to the partnership with established manufacturing companies in Italy and abroad, we are able to offer a 360 ° customization service .

It is possible to decide the type of vinyl, the formulation of the adhesive that meets the needs of your customers. We customize the rear liners and provide a series of samples already available in the catalog.

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