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Do you feel up to this level?

The Elite Level of our loyalty program is designed exclusively for professionals and VAT holders who want to use our products for their business. In recent years, Artesive has often been alongside applicators and installers who have chosen us as suppliers for their projects.

Artesive has reserved the Elite Level only for the best professionals. This is why it is not a level that is obtained automatically, but is obtained only after an evaluation by Artesive and only by requesting it by filling in the appropriate form.

What are the advantages of obtaining the Elite Level?

A professional applicator needs to always know the availability of the material. The Elite Level allows the applicator to request a schedule from our warehouse in advance in order to understand weeks in advance which products have limited availability, which ones will go out of print and which ones will be arriving. This minimizes the risk of default towards its customers and improves the quality of the service offered.

Professionals included in the Elite Level can take advantage of exclusive reserved prices.

Always by your side.

Artesive never leaves its customers alone. Let alone those even more special. Professionals belonging to the Elite Level of Artesive can guarantee direct assistance with our technicians to clarify any doubts, choices and other requests from their customers.


For professional applicators Artesive has created Uppesive.com, the portal dedicated to installers working in the world of Living and Restyling. On Uppesive you can interact directly with users looking for a professional in their area. You will be able to enter your skills and be found quickly and easily. There are no sign up fees and there are no referral fees. Do you already want to register? Go to uppesive.com

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