The Artesive brand

The brand ARTESIVE is the result of almost a year of research in the field of vinyl films for decoration. ARTESIVE was created to bridge the gap in terms of adhesive films to provide a range of films with an almost prohibitive price.

Our aim is to give a quality product with a competitive price. We have researched the quality of the materials and carefully test our films to ensure a certainty that those who buy ARTESIVE are sure to have made the right choice and are purchasing the best specification.


is a young exciting Italian company and our young staff work every day to seek new effects & materials, and we are excited to put all our passion to serve our customers.


is to establish itself as a benchmark in the market of Interior Decor, addressing mainly private users as well as professionals in the field of the application of adhesive films.


is to increase our catalogue offering exclusive models & trends, while maintaining the excellent balance between quality and price.

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