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Artesive Thicker™  The Film has a whole other thickness

Artesive’s films are known for their increased thickness compared to the cheaper versions normally found in DIY stores. But what if you decide to take the thickness to a higher level?

Thicker™ by Artesive is born. The adhesive film with double thickness from our standard films.

440 microns thick. Here because

Artesive standard films have variable thicknesses, those used to renovate furniture, doors, and normal surfaces have a thickness of about 220 microns. The ideal for obtaining a material that is easy to work with and perfect for any indoor use.

With Thicker ™ it is possible to carry out specific applications where a higher thickness is required.

An example of use can be the direct application on kitchen tiles for example. With Thicker ™ it is possible to renew the kitchen riser by completely covering the tiles without having the risk of noticing any underlying joints.

Or it is possible to finish parts of the floors, such as the upholstery of campers, caravans or small closets.



A tactile sensation never seen before

Thanks to the increased thickness, we were able to obtain a much higher embossing (a relief).
The composition of Artesive Thicker ™ is made of multiple layers in order to create an incredible feeling to the touch.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

Non-slip R10

Artesive Thicker ™ ensures optimal grip even if the surface is wet. This series, in addition to the normal characteristics of standard films, has obtained the slip resistance certification according to the D.M. 236 dated 14/06/89. In addition to this they have obtained the R10 grade and the DIN 51130: 2014 certification. Click here for more information.

Don’t get confused

Artesive Thicker ™ are not to be confused with standard Artesive films. These films have a very specific application purpose. They are not suitable for application on surfaces such as furniture, doors, cupboards or kitchen doors. For these applications the suitable films are our standard films.

Artesive Thicker ™ are used when a thicker film is desired and are usually applied to flat surfaces.

Please read all our FAQs below if you have any questions or concerns to clarify.

Frequent questions

Compared to standard films, the Thicker series is applied only on straight corners, making an application with cut (no tensioning on corners). Once applied on the edges they manage to keep the shape well, but it is always a good idea to do some tests since each application is subjective.

Thicker series is nothing but thicker PVC film. They can also be applied on furniture and other surfaces, the thing to remember is that obviously, the increased thickness makes the conformability less, so there are greater limits of use if the surface is not flat.

The application of Thicker Series films is basically similar to the same as for standard films. The greatest precautions is to perfectly clean the surface before application. Especially when it comes to small floors. Any corners and edges of floors must be considered before applying the film. It would be a good idea to remove the excess film first, in order to leave less abundance on floors with edges. On this point we suggest you watch our dedicated video tutorials by clicking here.

The Thicker series films are walkable, therefore also suitable for stair steps. Continuous rubbing of the outer corner part of the step after years may whiten slightly. Obviously, application on steps is only suitable if the surface is smooth and clean.

We recommend applying Thicker series films only on smooth floors, without joints and only in limited or temporary spaces. You don’t have to think that they are comparable to tiles, because they are not. They are suitable for smooth, little used floors, such as camper floors or small closets.

The Thicker series films have obtained the slip resistance certification according to the D.M. 236 dated 14/06/89. In addition to this they have obtained the R10 grade and the DIN 51130: 2014 certification. Click here for more information.

Like all PVC films, the Thicker series can also be cleaned with any detergent and a damp cloth. If they are stained with very aggressive products it is better to clean immediately because by its nature PVC tends to absorb the stain if left for a long time.

It depends on the joint. The increased thickness often covers them and there is no need for grouting. If applied on vertical tiles they are hardly noticeable, while if applied on floor tiles they are definitely more noticeable. For this reason we recommend a floor application only on flat surfaces.

Certain. A normal utility knife is enough. No special tools are needed.

Certain. A normal utility knife is enough. No special tools are needed.

No. Thicker series films are suitable for indoor use only. We do not recommend outdoor use.

Thicker series films are calendered films and can have a memory effect also due to temperature changes that can create a slight shrinkage of the material. It is a shrinkage of tenths of millimeters, which in the case of laying on the floor would create a sort of joint effect. To minimize this effect, an adhesion promoter can be used at the contact points so as to minimize the memory effect.

Of course, you can renovate the back of your kitchen by applying Thicker series films directly to the existing tiles. In most cases it is not necessary to close the existing leaks, but we always suggest that you do a test to make sure that the result is as expected.

Thicker series films are sold in two widths. 60cm and 122cm. You will need to figure out how much footage you need in length based on these two available widths. Always calculate a margin of abundance of at least 5 / 10cm on the sides and also consider any corners or edges of furniture if you want to apply the film on the floor.

No. It would be incorrect to indicate a 440micron adhesive film as a floor, for example in a different material and with a thickness of 1 cm. It is a decorative material, also useful on flat surfaces such as small smooth floors. They have excellent resistance to trampling and are therefore suitable for environments that are little used or where you want to renew quickly.

Certainly. Free samples are also available for Thicker series films. You can find them on the dedicated page here . Just select the available “Thicker” models from the drop-down menu.

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