Artesive Thicker Serie – TH-004 Natural Ash

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Natural Ash

Model TH-004 Natural Ash is the thicker version of model WD-019. Natural coloring, with very high relief, typical of the wood-effect models of the Thicker range. Matte finish, the grain runs vertically along the length of the reel. Perfect for small floors, wall sections and areas where a higher thickness than standard films is required.

Choose your Roll

Choose the width and decide the optimal one to minimize waste and facilitate application. You can choose between the various pre-cut rolls or the custom-made roll by indicating in the quantity field the exact meters you need. This model is available in two different widths: 60 cm and 122 cm. In this model, the 30cm and 90cm options have been excluded.

Thicker™ Serie

The Thicker ™ serie by Artesive is the line of films with increased thickness. Thanks to its 440 microns thickness, it is possible to renew the kitchen riser by completely covering the tiles without having the risk of noticing any underlying joints. Or it is possible to finish parts of the floors, such as the upholstery of campers, caravans or small closets.

Don’t get confused

Artesive Thicker ™ are not to be confused with standard Artesive films. These films have a very specific purpose of application. They are not suitable for applications on surfaces such as furniture, doors, cabinets or kitchen doors. For these applications the suitable films are our standard films. Artesive Thicker ™ are used when a thicker film is desired and are usually applied to flat surfaces. Read all our FAQs on the dedicated page.

Performance Serie Thicker


Features Serie Thicker


The Thicker series offers a one-of-a-kind handfeel. Thanks to the 440 micron thickness, the embossing is double compared to standard films.

Unimmediate fixing

The adhesive of Artesive vinyl films does not have the bite immediately to allow the immediate detachment and repositioning on the surface.


The Thicker series films have obtained the R10 classification according to the DIN 51130/2014 standard


The Thicker series films are walkable, therefore also suitable for use on small floors with flat and smooth surfaces.

  • Thicker series films are decorative PVC coatings with increased thickness. They can be used in private areas on flat surfaces, even on the ground as they can be walked on.
    They are suitable for renovating small fixed or temporary floors as long as the surface is smooth and perfectly clean. They are not suitable for the application of large surfaces, especially if applied on tiles with joints.
  • The glue does not set immediately, but it is always better to apply the film lightly initially, to be sure of the correct positioning.
  • If you need to apply on large surfaces or tile the film, evaluate the actual yield of the material first and follow the instructions for correct application.

  • Material: Polypropylene (PVC)
  • Thickness: 440 μ ± 10%
  • Shrinkage margin: 1% approx
  • Minimum fire reaction class: NPD Non-flame retardant material
  • Suitable for internal use: Yes
  • Suitable for outdoor use: No
  • Repositional: No
  • Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic
  • Heat Adhesive Resistance: 180 ° C
  • Application Method: dry
  • Optimal setting temperature: 15/30 ° C
  • Liner material: Kraft thickness 120 μ ± 10%
  • Certification: D.M. del 14/06/89 n.236 – class. R10 DIN51130/2014
  • Warranty: 5 years internal use

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