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Artesive Sample Catalog 024.

This catalog in Big size format contains 86* different models of Artesive adhesive films complete with technical specifications and descriptive images.

Each page corresponds to a model and each has its own sample of approx. 20 x 25 cm really usable.

In fact, each sample is removable and is perfect to be able to try it directly on the surface to be coated.

Models included in this catalog are:

  • WD-001 Matt White Oak
  • WD-002 Dark Gray Oak
  • WD-003 Whitened Larch
  • WD-004 Opaque Light Oak
  • WD-010 Dark Walnut Opaque
  • WD-011 Pearly Ash
  • WD-014 Gray Walnut
  • WD-016 Natural Bamboo
  • WD-018 Bleached Walnut
  • WD-019 Natural Ash
  • WD-020 Medium Oak
  • WD-021 Medium European Walnut
  • WD-022 Antique Rustic
  • WD-023 Dark Rustic Wood
  • WD-024 Treated Oak
  • WD-026 Matt Gray Elm
  • WD-030 Wengè Dark
  • WD-035 Matt Black Oak
  • WD-036 Grey Oak Chalked
  • WD-037 Opaque Light Beech
  • WD-038 Sidereal Chalk Gray Oak
  • WD-039 Silk Chalk Gray Oak
  • WD-040 Pink Wood
  • WD-041 Chocolate Oak
  • WD-042 Natural Pear
  • WD-044 Matt Natural Cedar
  • WD-045 Medium Birch
  • WD-046 Natural Larch
  • WD-047 Classic Mahogany Opaque
  • WD-048 Whitened Pine Slats
  • WD-049 Natural Pine
  • WD-051 Dark Olmo
  • WD-052 Pino Scuro Doghe
  • WD-053 Medium Cherry
  • WD-054 Medium Birch
  • WD-055 Light Birch Opaque
  • WD-056 Absolute White Ash
  • WD-057 Dark Oak
  • WD-058 Bleached Ash
  • WD-061 Light Gray Oak
  • WD-062 Oak Rustic Cord
  • WD-063 Worn Wood
  • WD-065 Matt White Wood
  • WD-066 Moka Oak
  • WD-067 Ebony Macassar
  • WD-068 Wenge White Chalked
  • WD-069 Wenge Black Pinstripe
  • WD-070 Marnero Oak
  • WL-005 Classic Lacquered Mahogany
  • WL-021 Lacquered Ebony Macassar


  • ST-07 Red Bricks
  • ST-05 Black Marble Glossy
  • ST-06 Grey Bricks
  • ST-08 Travertine Matt
  • ST-09 Marble Carrara White
  • ST-010 Perlato Marble of Sicily
  • ST-011 Marble Gray Alps
  • ST-012 Raw Cement
  • ST-013 Cement Light
  • ST-014 Antique Cement
  • ST-015 Dark Cement
  • ST-016 White Cement
  • ST-017 Golden Concrete
  • ST-018 Milk Spatulated Concrete


  • TEC-008 Iceland Linen
  • TEC-009 Sand Linen
  • TEC-012 Carbon Look
  • TEC-016 Satin Gold
  • TEC-017 Satin Steel
  • TEC-018 Iron Stone
  • TEC-019 Shabby Fire Doghe
  • TEC-020 Shabby Ice Doghe
  • TEC-021 Brown leather
  • TEC-022 Black Leather
  • TEC-023 White Leather
  • TEC-024 Beige Leather
  • TEC-025 Hazelnut Leather


  • TEC+-030 Grey Velvet
  • TEC+ 032 Titanium


  • TH-001 Thicker Volcano Grey
  • TH-002 Thicker Scandic Beige
  • TH-003 Thicker Dark Wenge
  • TH-004 Natural Ash
  • TH-005 Dark Oak
  • TH-006 Light Cement
  • TH-007 Carrara Marble


  • HW-001 Horizontal White Oak
  • HW-002 Horizontal Gray Oak
  • HW-003 Horizontal Licorice Oak
  • HW-004 Horizontal Natural Oak
  • HW-005 Horizontal Truffle Oak

The sample catalog is useful in cases of doubts about the choice of your Artesive film. You will be able to see and touch the models shown above and you can consult it whenever you want.

* Some cards may not be available if the code has been removed from the catalog or if it is a code not yet available.

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