Artesive PopCorner – 45° Angular Cutter for adhesive film

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Artesive PopCorner™ – Blue Edition

For Artesive, the ease of use has always been a fundamental part of the renewal process. Two years ago we did some tests with a unique tool. From our idea was born the Original PopCorner™, a cutter designed to make 45 degrees cuts along the edges of the surfaces renewed with our films. PopCorner™ is an angle cutter, ideal for cutting the film in an easy way when you want to make applications only on the frontal surface side, or if you combine two films one on top of the other and you want to be sure to cut only the upper film , without affecting what is below.

Handmade in Italy

PopCorner™ was born from our creativity. Before there was nothing like it. We looked for those in Italy who could help us turn an idea into a real product. And after so much research we found the right partners who could make a product, practical, light and durable. That’s why PopCorner™ is made entirely of aluminum, to give lightness and durability. Each component, from the screws to the blade supplied are of high quality. The blade used is the classic of any cutter on the market. We could think of a particular blade and obligate everyone to buy the spare part from us. We could, but our goal is to give maximum freedom of use, that’s why we have studied a product that could be used with any common blade.

Simple, so much simple

To use the PopCorner™ just join the two aluminum parts and fix with the supplied screws. The blade flows inside the central slot. It can be positioned downward to make outside corners, or upward to make interior corners such as removing glass films inside a window frame. Depending on the blade output, the cutting depth can be increased or decreased. This allows you to cut only the film without affecting anything that is under it. Just a little attention and sensitivity to adjust the blade depending on the need for cutting. Stop the blade with the central screw and you’re done! To cut the film, simply slide the PopCorner™ from one side of the edge to the other. Simple and effective.

Instructions online only

We thought that the best instructions for the correct use of our PopCorner were made from real videos. That’s why you can not find instructions inside the package, but a link to our official YouTube channel where you can see specific tutorials for assembling and using the cutter.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 6cm x 3.5 cm x 3.2 cm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Included in the package: popcorner, mounting screws, standard blade, Allen wrench
  • Beta Version. The current version of the PoPCorner is 2.5, considered a beta version. During the time there could be variations with introductions of new versions if Artesive deems it necessary in order to improve the product. Artesive is not responsible for any damage caused to things or people by using the beta version of PopCorner ™. PopCorner is a product conceived, designed and produced entirely by Artesive. Any unauthorized use of the product or its images is prohibited.

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