Artesive Tily WD-030 Dark Wenge – Self Adhesive Film for Tiles

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Artesive Tily ™. The tile-sized self adhesive film.

Artesive Tily ™ was created to meet the need to renovate tiled walls using our films in a completely new way. Tily adhesive tiles are an alternative to classic wall tiles. More practical, faster to apply and more customizable. They leave the joints exposed and therefore a tile effect is obtained exactly as it was previously, but with surprising colors and effects, such as our wood effects, concrete effects or metallic effects, in addition to the classic solid colors.

Cut to the right size

The Artesive Tily are available in different sizes: 10 x 10 cm, 15 x 15 cm, 20 x 20 cm and 25 x 20 cm. But in reality the exact measurement always corresponds to 1 mm less in both width and height. For example, the measurement indicated as 20 x 20 cm is actually 19.99 x 19.99 cm. This is to avoid the unsightly effect of protrusion along the edges. Not only that, each edge is slightly rounded to better fit the actual tiles.

Fast Application

Apply your Tily adhesive tiles in 5 easy steps.

  1. Clean the surface very well
  2. Remove the back card of your Tily
  3. Spray clean water on existing tiles
  4. Position the adhesive tiles easily thanks to the moist surface
  5. Remove the water and fix the adhesive tiles with the help of the squeegee

Done! Your tiles are renewed!

Fantasy in your hands

With Artesive’s Tily tile stickers you can transform any wall into something unique. Have fun changing and mixing colors and textures. You can combine solid colors with wood effects, marble with metallic effects and so on. And removal is always possible, so your tiles return to their original colors without damaging them.


Artesive quality

The Artesive Tily ™ are made starting from the classic adhesive films sold in rolls, so the quality of the material, the adhesive hold and the resistance over time is always the same as the other Artesive products. Tily adhesive tiles can be easily cleaned with any soft cloth, even using non-aggressive detergents. Being in pvc they are waterproof and resist splashing water.

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