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Tily application – Adhesive films for tiles


In this tutorial we will show the application of Tily, tile-sized adhesive films. A bathroom will be renovated, but the same procedure applies to the kitchen or something else. However, we do not recommend the application inside the shower compartment, where the contact with water is excessive.


Floor tiles




Water dispenser (slightly soapy)


Cleaning cloth

Artesive Tily, the tile format films, are an alternative for application on tiles, easier and faster to apply. This old bathroom is in need of a makeover, we will use it in this tutorial to show you the application.

The Tilys are exactly the same Artesive films, but cut in another format. As you can see, the rear paper is identical to that of the rolls.
In addition, the edges are slightly rounded, in order to trace the typical shape of the underlying tiles and obtain a pleasant visual effect.

If the tile is completely smooth, any pattern can be used.

In the case of reliefs, such as a decorative element that protrudes slightly, it would be better to use an animated texture, such as the wood or stone effect, in order to hide the imperfections.

n this case we decided to make a color match. We will use the light gray MA-031 and a strip of WD-036 pinstripe graphite oak tiles, which will cover the decorative element. These Tily are in the size 20×25, they are also available in the sizes 10×10, 15×15 and 20×20.

If you have holes you can cover them directly, you can putty them and if they are in relief it is better to level them.

We remind you that these are decorative stickers, they do not replace the tiles, they simply serve to give new color.

Let’s move on to the application. We clean the surface to remove dirt and impurities.

We spray water on the tiles to facilitate application.

We remove the back paper and simply glue on top of the tile. The water prevents the adhesive from setting immediately, giving us some time to correct the positioning.

We use the spatula to remove excess water.

We then move on to the next tile. We spray and apply, trying to stand straight.

Tilys save us a lot of time due to cutting the film to size, they are very easy to apply.
We repeat the process for all the tiles and we get the following result:


See also the video:

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