Return Instructions

Here’s how you need to proceed if you need to return an Artesive product.

Unlike shipping, the package return service will not be carried out at your home, but you will have to go to the collection point closest to your address.

This allows us to better manage customer withdrawals to our warehouse and gives you more freedom as you will not have to wait all day for the courier to arrive.

You will be able to create your return label independently.

This service is currently carried out by Spring courier and is in an experimental phase.


Here’s how to return your product quickly and easily.

1 – Go to the link:

2 – Click on the “New Return” button

3- Fill in all the required fields. The process will be faster if you fill in all fields correctly. So check that you haven’t left anything out.

4 – By indicating your address, the system will show you the collection point closest to you where you can take your return.

5 – Select your preferred collection point and print the return label. You will receive a confirmation email where you will find the pdf file containing the labels to be printed.

6 – Prepare your package. It is highly recommended that you reuse the same box that contained your order, so don’t break it!

7 – Apply the labels on the package.

8 – Go to the selected collection point and deliver your package.

It will take a few days for your package to reach our warehouse. We will verify the goods and initiate the refund / replacement procedure.

9 – In case of return: Refund made on the chosen payment method

10 – In case of replacement: We prepare a new order and ask for the difference or cancel the difference

Refund Information

Artesive offers 30 days to make a replacement or a return.

Refunds are made only when the product is received in our warehouses, checked and the material is suitable for resale.

If a return is made due to an afterthought or an incorrect purchase and the cause is not due to a product defect, the return costs will also be deducted from the refund.

If the reason for the return is due to a defect in the product, the refund will be complete and some return shipping costs will not be deducted.

Normally the repayment times are 2/3 working days. The re-credit times vary depending on the payment method and the credit institution.

Refunds are always made using the same method used for the initial payment.

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