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Simple table application


In this tutorial we will refurbish a simple table on which the film was already applied.


Flat surface





Solution of water and alcohol


Heat gun or hairdryer

In this tutorial we will show you how to change the look of a table with Artesive adhesive films.

We have a table that has already been renovated 5 years ago with a cherry film. Today we want to make it a little more modern by using ST-015 dark concrete effect film.

We will cover both the top and the bottom.
We are not going to remove the old vinyl, but we will apply the new film directly on top. This is the fastest solution and, having previously applied the film, the surface is already flat and smooth.

Let’s start cleaning the table.

Since we will apply the film over an existing one, the adhesion power will be very high. If we make a mistake it will be difficult to move the film and the probability of creating air bubbles will increase.

We therefore moisten the surface with the same aqueous alcohol-based solution. Don’t worry if some spots remain wetter than others, all excess water will then be removed.

In this case I am alone, so I have prepared another table to help me with the application. We turn the film on the other table and remove the back paper for about 10 cm.

We place this side of film on the edge of the table leaving about 5 cm of margin.

Once this is done we will completely remove the back paper from the vinyl. Then we also slightly moisten the adhesive part of the film, being careful not to wet the back paper. Then, with a single gesture, we go to place all the film directly on the table.

With the wet surface we can try to reposition the film if we fail on the first attempt.

From the central point we will begin to remove excess water with the help of the spatula.

You will see at the end of the video that this technique will reduce the risk of any air bubbles forming.

After the application on the upper part we will have to make the edges. But having moistened the surface we find ourselves having the final part not perfectly dry. In this case we will have to wait for complete drying before proceeding. That’s why we chose the alcohol-based solution: alcohol dries faster than soapy water and allows us to finish the job faster.

We use the heat gun to shape the edges. We stretch the sides starting from the center.

Once at the corner we proceed with the classic application with the 45 ° cut that you find in numerous other tutorials.

Once finished, we turn the top to cover the lower surface as well. We remove the excess margin, cutting along the entire perimeter. Then we peel off the excess film.

Question: do I have to cover the bottom?
Well, if you left a good margin, say about 5-10cm, then that wouldn’t be necessary. Consider that it is a table, the part remains hidden. However, we recommend that you always do this, in order to fix the edges and ensure excellent durability over time.

We use the alcohol-based solution again to moisten the surface. In this way we will have the possibility to reposition the film if we can not apply it immediately perfectly.

Once finished we can reassemble the table.

Here is the final result, we got a more modern table.

Here is the video tutorial:

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