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30 cm strips on the wall


Alternative wall decoration using 30cm wide vinyl, as it is easier to apply and manageable by one person.


Flat surface







Masking tape

The surface we want to cover is made up of completely smooth laminate panels.

Thanks to the 30 cm bands, which are quite narrow, the possibility of any air bubbles forming is considerably reduced. The narrow bands are easier to manage and the application can be done by one person.

This type of application will make it necessary to make small overlaps between one band and another. If we use a very variegated texture we will not notice the repetition of the design. So remember to choose a suitable vinyl, bearing in mind that the overlap will be more noticeable when using a solid color.

First of all we measure the exact width of the vinyl, in this case about 31 cm.

We remove the back paper for about 10-15 cm, and place the upper part of the band on the wall.

It is necessary to be very precise in this phase, in order not to have problems later. The first band must be perfectly perpendicular. To do this we can use a level or, in the absence of it, small pieces of adhesive paper tape to mark the necessary distance. We place the pieces of paper tape 31 cm from the initial edge of the wall, spacing them about 50 cm vertically, in order to have control points along the first strip.

Let’s proceed with the application of the first band starting from one side. We apply with the help of the spatula from top to bottom.

We always check that we are perfectly placed next to the control points.
If we make a mistake we can peel off a piece of vinyl and move slightly.

In our case the panels have cracks, we cover them completely with vinyl.

We remove the pieces of paper tape and we are ready to proceed with the application of the second band.

It will be necessary to make a small overlap between one band and the other. We suggest to always leave a couple of millimeters of overlap, avoiding placing the bands side by side. This technique over time will avoid the creation of cracks in case of possible shrinkage of the vinyl, due to thermal changes, especially due to the cold.

Let’s go on with the other bands, which we have already prepared with the correct measurements, up to the last one. We keep the same rule of the overlap. We will remove any excess vinyl.

We remove all the parts that do not interest us.

We finish the application by adding a decorative band, which has the purpose of joining the lower ends of the bands with the section already present. You can use the 15 cm MiniRolls, or cut a thinner band from the 30 cm roll.

And here is the final result! Our wall was decorated.
The final result is excellent, the overlaps are not noticeable, even up close, as well as the repetition of the texture. Everything seems very homogeneous.


Watch the video tutorial:

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