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Renovating the kitchen tiles


Many customers are wondering how to apply film to kitchen tiles. In this tutorial we will show 3 solutions so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Flat surface with texture


Easy / Medium




Sand paper

Spray with water or neutral detergent

Panno per pulizia

Let’s use an example fake wall. In a real kitchen, of course, we would have taken the wall units apart.

We use 3 different solutions:

SOLUTION 1: application on panel

We chose a birch slab with a thickness of a few millimeters. We carry out a simple film application on it.

We cut out the edges with the cutter.

Then we fix the panel with screws on the tile wall.

This solution allows you to easily remove the panel and, why not, maybe use another pattern on the other side to have an always new environment.

SOLUTION 2: direct application

This solution is recommended if the joints between the tiles are not too wide. In this case we notice the effect on the film.

SOLUTION 3: fill the joints

We prepare the grout and fill the joints between the tiles with the help of a spatula.

With the fine sandpaper we remove the excess putty once dried.

We then proceed to complete cleaning with a damp cloth.

Once finished we apply the film directly.

Let’s finish the edges. As you can see the surface is completely smooth in this case, the underlying joints cannot be seen.

You can see the video tutorial here:

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