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Application on the kitchen door in relief


The doors of the kitchen furniture often have, if rather old, textures on the surface or rustications. The films can be shaped quite easily if the relief is not excessive with the help of heat.


Uneven surface






Heat gun or hairdryer

Let’s take this door as an example:

We choose to cover it with WD-031 model film.

We lay the film on the work surface with the texture facing down and peel off the back paper.

We place the front side of the door on the film.

We overturn everything and make a small flap on one side so that it does not bother us while working.

Let’s start applying the film starting from the center.

With the help of the spatula we adhere the film on the flat central part.

We heat the film with the heat gun to soften it. With our fingers we shape the first edge of the clew.

We do the same thing for the other sides.

Now let’s move on to the outer perimeter of the clew. Remember to fix the film well in the corners.

Let’s proceed to model the outer frame.

Once finished, we take care of closing the corners: we heat, tension the film and fix it.

With the cutter we divide the corner film into two parts.

Then we go to close the sides and cut off the excess parts. We leave a couple of centimeters on each side.

Let’s proceed with the application on the back.

We cut a few millimeters before the edge, in order to avoid visible burrs on the outside. The films will fit tightly together.

Here is the final result:

NOTE: sometimes it may be necessary to apply a fixative on critical areas.

There is also the video tutorial!

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