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Door application with horizontal bands


The veins of the films run along the length of the roll. If we want to cover a door with a single piece of film, the veins will necessarily be vertical. To have horizontal veins it will be necessary to divide the film into bands. In the tutorial we deal with this last case.


Door lining






Masking tape

We want to renew this door with WD-025 film, keeping the veins horizontal.

There will be no need to remove the door, we just disassemble the handle and go to smooth the surface below.

We will use 3 rolls. One 90cm x 1m and two 60cm x 1m.

We proceed to the application of the largest roll. Let’s make sure it’s flush with the floor.

With the help of the spatula we make the film adhere to the door.

We apply the film on the sides and remove the excess material.

We proceed in the same way with the second band.

Finally we apply the third band.

Now let’s move on to the application on the inner frame. We will use a small strip of film made from the unused part of the roll. We make a small cutout on the film at the hinges.

Then we go to fit the strip below them. WARNING! Let’s just remove the edges of the adhesive paper a little before proceeding. Once in place we will slowly remove the strip of paper up and down.

Let’s proceed with the application on the architraves. We remove the excess film only on the outside. Having surplus on the inside will help us hide the original wood of the door.

We engrave the film in correspondence with the holes of the handle.

We decided to mount a brushed steel handle, for the reason we will see now.

We observe that the bands are not perfectly aligned. This can happen to those who do not have good dexterity or just because of surface imperfections.

Instead of redoing the application we solve it in another way. We apply a thin strip of satin steel effect film at the joints between the bands.

This is the before and after comparison:

Here is the reference video tutorial:

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