Tutorials 13

Easy application on door


Application of adhesive film on a very common door, a useful technique for changing color easily and quickly.


Door lining




Heat gun or hairdryer



Spray of water or neutral detergent

Soft cloth

Masking tape

Let’s completely transform the color of this door:

In this tutorial we will only deal with the door, so we will not deal with the frame.

We remove the handles and the lock. With the cutter, we eliminate the burrs well and clean the entire surface.

Let’s remember that you have taken the measurements correctly and that you have the right amount of film available, with a certain margin of abundance on all sides.

NOTE: in the following we focus on the method to be used in order not to leave any visible sign of the underlying wood.
Let’s start with the application on the larger surface, so to speak the side with the stop facing us.

We turn the door and complete the application. Let’s help ourselves with the spatula to make the film adhere to the inner edge.

Using the spatula as a thickness, let’s cut the film with the cutter and remove the excess part.

As you can see, we have left a part of the film sticking out. It will be the connection with the film applied to the other side of the door.

With the cutter we cut ONLY the upper film and remove the excess part. In this way we will have a perfect connection that does not let the wood of the door glimpse.

Now that we have seen the technique to use, let’s apply it to the entire door.

We heat the sides of the film with the heat gun and shape it, remembering to start from the center, and then continue to the extremes.

We turn the door and apply the procedure seen above.

We pay particular attention to the closures on the corners.

Let’s move on to the other side of the door.

With the help of heat we fix the first edge.

We then move on to the internal edge, always helping us with the spatula.

With the cutter we remove the film on the whole side.

We carry out the procedure on all sides

Now let’s fix the handle slot. We heat the film and conform it so as to trace the underlying shape. We do not remove excess parts. When we insert the lock the film will be permanently fixed and will hold for a very long time.

To fix the handle, let’s use touch to find the hole, then engrave with the cutter. In this case we finish the perimeter of the hole. Same thing for the hole of the lock.

We decided to change the handle to fit the new style better. This is the final result:


Tutorial 19 deals with the application on the frame.


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