Artesive Solen Series – Clear 065

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Solen Clear 065

The Clear-065 is the most neutral version, perfect for letting the light be filtered but with a high solar energy reduction. 99% UV protection makes it ideal for both home and commercial space where in some cases the showcases are exposed to damage caused by sunlight to exposed products. The Solen Clear-065 is made of 2 layers of high density polyester film. This film is suitable for internal application.

Choose your Roll

Choose the width you need to minimize waste and facilitate application. You can choose between the various pre-cut rolls or the customized roll by indicating in the quantity field the exact meters required. This model is available in 2 different widths. 50 cm and 100 cm.

Solen Series

Solen Series Artesive wants to introduce our solar window films, for sunscreen. This window film have both the function of reducing UV rays and reducing the interior temperature. Like a solar shield, the Solen window film filter the sun’s rays and reject them, reducing the internal heat. Reduced heat, increased indoor visibility by reducing the sun’s reverb, which offer greater comfort and greater privacy in the mirrored version. These are just a few of the advantages offered by Artesive Solen series solar control films.

Quality and Easy Application

Simplicity of application thanks to the increased thickness * therefore adapts to numerous applications both in the home and in commercial spaces, perfect to let the natural light blur and at the same time blur out the view, depending on the models.

See the diagram below for some of the performance normally required by an adhesive coating for interiors. On a scale of 0 to 100 where 100 is the highest score, you can figure out which model is suitable for your use.

* Compared to economic films

Performance Solen Series – Clear 065


Features Solen Series – Clear 065


Blur your windows and make them privacy proof, leaving the filtering of natural light

Greater comfort

Solen series window films make the indoor environment more liveable thanks to a reduction in solar reverb.

Less solar energy

Thanks to their composition, the Solen series window films reduce solar energy and serve as a barrier for both hot and cold weather. In fact, in an environment with applied films, an inner temperature is lower than the same environment without applied films.

UV rays protection

Artesive Solen window films offer 99% UV protection, which is harmful to both man and objects in the vicinity of the glass.

After taking measurements of the surface of the glass to be coated, cut the film using the measurement grid on the back, leaving at least 5cm of margin at each side.
Wipe the surface to be coated with a cloth, removing any imperfections and dirt which, in contact with the film, could cause imperfections.
Using a sprayer containing a solution of water and diluted neutral soap (10ml per liter of water), wet the glass to be coated thoroughly.
Remove the back paper of your Artesive glass film. While removing the film, moisten the adhesive part, always using the sprayer with the soapy water solution to prevent the film from sticking anywhere. Do not be afraid to moisten the film too much.
Apply the dampened film on the glass surface, leaving at least 5 cm of margin on all sides. Thanks to the wet glass the film will not immediately make adhesion and will allow you to move it without difficulty. Do not worry about any bubbles but focus only on positioning.
Hold the film firmly with one hand, using the Robin trowel or a soft spatula, remove the underlying water from the center of the surface to the outside. Follow the pictogram arrows and make sure to completely remove the water. During this phase also the possible air bubbles join the drops of water and are easily removed.
Dry with a cloth along the edges of the surface where the water is leaking and with the cullar engrave along the outer edge. Remove excess film and lightly dab up any residual water. Check if there are still air bubbles and in case remove with the help of the spatula.

The application of Artesive glass films is very easy. It is necessary to wet the glass with soapy water, apply the film and remove the water underneath with the special spatula. Inside the package you will find the complete instructions that guide you step by step, for an easy and quick application.

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