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Application of Easy Lak


Here are the simple steps for applying Easy Lak. In this tutorial we took a shelf with the adhesive film was applied. We used Artesive mod. WD-012 Walnut Dark Matt.

We see with the major steps.






Artesive Easy Lak



Caution. Video Tutorial
Also in this case we want to show the video through technique that shows precisely the procedure. In your case, obviously the process will be carried out on the surface you are covering.


Let us be sure of being in a well-ventilated area or in an open area. We position our object to be transformed on a flat surface, leaving exposed all sides to which it will be applied Easy Lak. If we can we place under the surface a cardboard or anything else can avoid soiling the floor.

We wear protective gloves and mask.

Shake the can for a few seconds and spray Easy Lak keeping a distance from the object of ca. 15 / 20cm.


Decide according to your needs the degree of desired brightness being careful not to pour the paint.

After the first coat wait at least 30min before giving a second coat.

At the end of the second coat wait at least 45min before handling the object.

Wait at least 24 hours for a perfect drying.

WARNINGS– Product Flammable

– Use Easy Lak in ventilated places

– Wear a protective mask during application

– Keep out of reach of children

– Do not use the product in closed unventilated

– Pressurized container. Store in a dry place away from heat

– Dispose of empty container properly


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