Home Renewal during the Summer Holidays .. which colors to choose?

Summer is the favorite holiday season. Travel, relaxation and why not, even a period to tidy up …

In fact, this is one of the favorite moments to arrange your home. In fact, precisely during the period in which one does not work it is often exploited to carry out those household chores that have been neglected for months, or even for years due to lack of time or simply for lack of desire.

In summer you can take advantage of a mild climate, ideal for doing work, perhaps taking advantage of the outdoor space.

Whether you are renovating a house wall or a door, in this article we want to better understand which colors to use to give new life to your home.

Summer is synonymous with joy, carefree and joie de vivre. If you want to associate these sensations with the colors and textures to be used, then we see that natural, light and pastel colors are the trendiest colors.

We have created 3 trend lines, selecting some shades and textures perfect to mix, let’s see which are our favorite colors:

Floral trend


Textures that recall the colors of flowery bouquets, made of bright pinks and greens that give freshness to your whole environment.

Vibrant Trend


Bright colors, pastel contrasts such as mint, lavender and turquoise combined with gray and yellow for a touch of joy.

Marine trend


Sea and desire for vacation, this color palette represents the right mix to give a Mediterranean flavor that recalls that of the interior of exclusive yachts or tropical hotels.


Obviously these are just our ideas to take inspiration and take advantage of your holidays to renovate your home … hoping you did what you liked!

Happy holiday!!

22/07/2021 - Articles

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