If you live or work in Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, you can request the shipment of Artesive films thanks to Aramex’s groupage service called “Shop & Ship”.

Aramex is the leading freight forwarder in the area of ​​the Middle Eastern countries and thanks to the Shop & Ship service it is able to deliver any product from any part of the planet including Italy.

Here’s how it works.

Usually shipping to countries very far from Italy represents a heavy cost for both the customer and for us at Artesive. Aramex offers a groupage service that allows you to include many micro-shipments in a single large shipment, thus reducing costs and being able to manage all customs and duties procedures without further surprises from the customer.

The customer can independently create and manage their shipment directly from the Shop & Ship site or from the dedicated App.

Artesive will take care of the shipment from its warehouse to the Aramex headquarters in Italy. After that, Aramex will manage the entire shipping process, customs clearance management and home delivery to the customer. All at the price set on the Shop & Ship portal.

To take advantage of the Shop & Ship rates and be able to request the shipment of Artesive products in the Middle East area you will have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and register for free
  2. Once registered, you will have access to 31 customized Shop & Ship addresses around the world from which you can start your purchases
  3. Insert the Artesive products on the website and indicate as destination the address of the Shop & Ship point closest to us. In practice, you will still be contacted before shipping to make sure everything is correct.
  4. Shop & Ship will take care of the shipment to your home address and all you have to do is relax and wait for the arrival of your Artesive film
  5. The goods will arrive at the local shipper and will be checked
  6. After checking the contents, Shop & Ship will take care of the documents and customs clearance management
  7. Once your package is delivered to your address, you can pay for shipping directly from the Shop & Ship site in a simple and safe way
  8. The goods will be delivered directly to your local address

We made a comparison between a shipment made with Shop & Ship of Artesive films with delivery in Dubai, using the Shop & Ship and Fedex service. Below you can check the cost difference.

Shipping cost

In the table below you can check the costs for locations in Italy.

Weight of material Cost Fedex International Economy Cost Shop & Ship
0 – 2 Kg € 39/50 € 12/23
2 – 5 Kg € 55/69 € 29/49
5 – 10 Kg € 70/110 € 55/85
10 – 20 Kg € 120/200 € 95/ 150
over 20 Kg >€ 200 >€ 150

The table does not include the shipping cost from our warehouse to the Aramex center in Italy. This cost is specified in the cart and is considered as a normal local shipment, therefore at a much lower price than a normal international shipment. Furthermore, if the order exceeds € 100, the shipment to the Aramex center in Italy will be completely free, so you only have to calculate the actual cost of the Shop & Ship service.

In the table, the Fedex International Economy rate has been equated on the basis of our rates, while the Shop & Ship rate is the standard one. Based on shipments, Shop & Ship offers other advantages and even more competitive rates.

When ordering you will find both shipping options, always remember that the Aramex rate only includes shipping to the collection center in Italy and does not include your Shop & Ship rate which will be calculated from your account as indicated above.

Artesive and Aramex. Another step towards a renewed world.

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