21/12/2020 WE INFORM THAT DUE THE COVID EMERGENCY ALL SHIPPING TO UK HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED AT THE MOMENT. Due to the restrictions imposed by the British government after the spread of the latest variant of coronavirus, connections with the United Kingdom have been blocked and the passage in the Eurotunnel has been interrupted.

Yes. We are operational. All orders are therefore handled normally, registered and processed in order of arrival.

Normally in non-emergency period each order is shipped within the day following the date of the order. In this emergency period, it may take about 24h / 48h more than usual. The courier to whom we entrust the shipments may be one or two days late, depending on the conditions of the area to be served. In total, therefore, it may take about 1/2 days more than the standard time.

As a rule, we are very flexible and we also have the right to make changes to the order by phone or email. But at this moment we are not able to guarantee optimal communication and therefore, for any problem or order modification, please send requests only via email to: and be patient if these are not immediately taken care of.

Sure. Artesive sends a confirmation email to notify the status of the order from “In progress” to “completed”. This means that your order has left and within the evening you will receive an e-mail notification from the courier with tracking tracking to track your shipment.

From the first moment of the emergency we have taken action to minimize the risks of any contagion. In the production, goods preparation and shipping area, new workstations have been created to keep the safety distances between the various operators as indicated in the guidelines that the government has asked to adopt to the operating companies. Each operator works and prepares the goods with individual safety devices such as protective masks and latex gloves. In some areas there are plexiglass barriers in case there are risks of proximity between operators. These conditions obviously slow down productivity but increase safety towards operators and end customers. The offices and areas where several people can be found at the same time are thoroughly sanitized and sanitized at regular intervals also with the use of ozone in order to ensure the maximum possible hygiene. All surfaces in direct contact with the hands are disinfected every day at the beginning of the operation and at the end. All tools and work tools are disinfected regularly. Cutters, adhesive tape dispensers, worktops, buttons, screens, tables, desks, internal telephones, PCs, handles, services, catering areas and any surface in direct contact with the staff. For this reason, a specific course was carried out for the sanitation of work environments. In addition, all couriers both in the case of delivery and collection are left in the external areas. Artesive undertakes to respect the guidelines indicated by the current protocols.

OMS has stated that the probability of an infected person contaminating the goods is low and that the risk of contracting the new virus from a package that has been moved, transported and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also low. Currently in Artesive no cases of positivity to COVID-19 have been ascertained, but for your customer protection all safety measures are taken to minimize any contact between products sold and operator. You can find all the updated information on COVID-19 on the information page of the Ministry of Health and on the OMS website.

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