Why Artesive

Renew instead of Replacing.

From this concept part of our adventure began. How many times have you changed a piece of furniture, or an object in your house simply because you were tired of seeing the same colours, maybe of an old or outdated design?  But you did not think it was over budget for a new purchase.  We move even the market of transport , using raw materials. Pollution and disposal of them is no longer needed.

Many times in fact the furniture that we dispose of are fully functional and we see them forced to go to landfill or to a flea market.

This philosophy of "renewal" begins our quest to find something that restores life and colour to old household objects.

Whether it's a table, a door, a cupboard or a bed, with the adhesive films they are going to be coated with a new light throughout your home or office.

Here are the main advantages to using self-adhesive film by ARTESIVE:


new iconRenewal Design: ARTESIVE films are in line with the trends of the moment, you can give new life to objects and ancient-looking materials.



save money icon Financial savings: avoid having to buy the object to be coated. Our case study shows that in most cases Coating is always cheaper than replace.



easy iconEase of application: just remove the back paper and proceed with the coating, more often does not need to remove the surface.



recycle iconEnvironmental advantage: choosing to use ARTESIVE films prevents that your old material ends up on the sidelines, or even worse throw.



proud iconCreative advantage: you can choose depending on your personal taste a renewal of your material and make it unique. Moreover, even your personal satisfaction will derive an advantage as it will be a work made entirely by your self!


In short, this is what usually happens and how our choices can affect several factors.

why choose a self-adhesive film by Artesive