Artesive Wood Series – WD-012 Walnut Opaque

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Walnut Dark Opaque

This model incorporates the colours of a Walnut toned dark brown, with darker grain. The opaque finish has graining in a vertical direction relative to the length of the coil. not grain feeling on touch.

Choose your Roll

Choose the width you need to minimize waste and facilitate application. You can choose between the various pre-cut rolls or the customized roll by indicating in the quantity field the exact meters required. This model is available in 4 different widths. 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and 122 cm.

Wood Series

The Artesive wood series is the perfect combination of materials, design and performance of application. This self-adhesive film made of PVC offers very special features, perfect to be used to coat surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal and smooth surfaces such as plasterboard or MDF. It’s surface has high thickness allowing a good feeling to the touch as well as sight. The grain feel and look very similar to natural wood.

Quality and Easy Application

Like all Artesive self-adhesive films, including this wood series, are conformable, in which heating them allows you to model and apply them easily in tricky areas such as edges or corners. The adhesive being used is not set immediately to 100%, but allows you to remove the film and reposition it in the event of errors. Patterns and textures Series of Wood Artesive are in line with the trends of furniture of the moment.

See the diagram below for some of the performance normally required by an adhesive coating for interiors. On a scale of 0 to 100 where 100 is the highest score, you can figure out which model is suitable for your use.

Performance Wood Plain Series


Features Wood Plain Series


Realistically texture similar to real wood. Thanks to the increased thickness of the grain feel a lot more touch than films of other brands.


With the change in temperature the film stretches and allows the installer to make it stick even in difficult spots such as corners or edges.

Bubble Free System

Thanks to the special composition and to the thickness of the upper, it is possible to drastically reduce the irritating air bubbles during the application.

Unimmediate fixing

The adhesive of Artesive vinyl films does not have the bite immediately to allow the immediate detachment and repositioning on the surface.

The application of the film is usually done step by step. After taking the measurements, the necessary part is cut, leaving always a margin of tolerance. On the back of the film, a grid helps you make a precise and in-line cut.
The film is repositionable at first, so do not be afraid to make mistakes. To help you first wet the surface to be treated with water, it will help you not to immediately attack the film.
Once cut to size, the film is still placed with the protective sheet applied on the surface, stopping it with paper tape. Starting from one side only a small part of the adhesive protection is removed and glued to the surface.
Any air bubbles can be removed with the help of a spatula. When the first piece of film is applied, the paper protection sheet is removed step by step.
Do not remove everything, but one piece at a time, continuing to pass the spatula every time from the center to the outside removing air bubbles and any drops of water previously applied. When the application is complete remove the pieces of paper tape. Voilà, done!

  • If you need to make large surfaces, we suggest you to buy a small test roll, or a single roll, to verify that your imagination and color are exactly the ones you were looking for.
  • It is always better to apply the film lightly initially, to be sure of the correct positioning.
  • If you need larger films with larger sizes, you can contact us for a specific quote.

  • Materiale: Polipropilene (PVC)
  • Spessore: 220 μ ±10%
  • Margine di restringimento: 2% ca
  • Classe minima di reazione al Fuoco: NPD Materiale non ignifugo
  • Adatto Uso Interno: Sì
  • Adatto Uso Esterno: No
  • Riposizionabile: No
  • Adesivo: Permanente Acrilico
  • Resistenza Adesivo al Calore: 180°C
  • Metodo di Applicazione: a secco
  • Temperatura Ottimale di posa: 15/30°C
  • Materiale liner: Kraft spessore 120 μ±10%
  • Certificazione: UNI EN 12149:1999
  • Garanzia: 3 anni uso interno

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