Welcome fall!

Tomorrow begins a new month and a new season. Yes, autumn officially began on September 22, but in September there is still an air of summer, aftermath of tanning and a desire for heat. October, on the other hand, immediately has the autumn soap. The month of foliage, chestnuts, hot tea and soft outerwear.

The landscape changes radically and the temperatures too. We go from the bright colors of summer to much softer, warmer and more welcoming colors. As well as the temperatures change a lot. Perhaps among you there is someone who prefers the so-called “summer”, but there is a lot of beauty even in autumn and so here are 5 good reasons to love it.

1. The fantastic photographs

bosco autunnale

Who among us, from time to time, does not like to be an influencer on social media and be envied a little by their followers? So don’t miss this opportunity! Autumn with its warm and lively colors is the best time to take photographs that look like postcards. Any landscape will be enhanced by autumn colors, from urban locations to, of course, more natural ones such as countryside and mountains.


2. Walks and chestnuts

Bosco e castagne

We have finally left the sultry heat behind us, we can start going out for a walk again at the time that suits us best, without having to get up at 6 in the morning or wait for 9 in the evening. But there is also another excellent reason to go hiking in the fall: chestnuts! A nutritious fruit that tastes of comfort and family. So grab your sneakers, sweatshirt, basket and go into the woods to look for hedgehogs (but be careful not to prick yourself).


3. Picnics

pic nic in un campo

On fine days, when the sun still manages to heat up well, we can take the opportunity to organize a nice picnic with friends. Warm clothes, a heavy blanket to put on the ground, snacks, savory pies and a good dessert to spend a different day immersed in nature. You’ll be on the safe side, everyone likes picnics, from children to adults.


4. Relaxing evenings

libro, calze e tisana

After all the nightlife and summer evenings, we have the opportunity to relax without feeling guilty. After all, autumn inevitably brings with it some rainy evenings, so why not take the opportunity to stay warm at home and snuggle up on the sofa with a book? Or in front of a good movie? In my opinion, it’s super relaxing to just listen to the sound of falling rain.


5. The fireplace lit

For this point, perhaps, we will have to wait a few more weeks, but the thought already warms our hearts. Few things manage to be as romantic and comfortable as the warmth of the lit fireplace (or stove). The warm colors of the fire can completely transform a house, making it immediately more welcoming. Don’t miss this opportunity to get together with loved ones and enjoy this magical atmosphere.


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30/09/2021 - Articles

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