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Renew the furniture in the living room


This very quick tutorial covers the application on a room furniture. We will use a double color for the doors and the frame.


Covering on furniture






Cleaning cloth

Heat gun or hairdryer

We want to renew this lacquered wood furniture.

We proceed to remove all the parts that can be disassembled.

We choose a lighter color for the doors (LA-001) and a darker one for the frame (WD-030).

We take measurements to be able to cut the film properly. In fact, we should already know all the measurements so that we can order the right amount of film.

We clean the surface on which we are going to apply the film.

We place the film on the top of the furniture.

With the help of the spatula we are going to apply it by removing the underlying paper as we proceed.

We heat the film at the edges with a heat gun to make it malleable.

We conform the vinyl on the corners, modeling with the fingers.

We conclude the application on the underside.

We apply the film on the remaining parts of the furniture.

Let’s not forget the front edges, on which we will apply small strips.

Now let’s apply the film on the doors.

Also in this case we conform the film with the help of the heat gun.

We remove the excess film after cutting it with a cutter, making sure to leave a couple of centimeters of edge.

We also remove the part that covers the hinges.

This is the finished piece of furniture:

Below is the video tutorial:

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