Tutorials 19

Renew the door frame


This tutorial follows issue 13 in which we saw the application of film only on the door. Now we will see the one on the frame.


Flat surface


Easy / Medium




Masking tape

Heat gun or hairdryer

Let’s renew the door frame we covered in tutorial 13.

We completely remove the frame so that we can proceed to a comfortable application on a plane.

Let’s disassemble the structure into its three main parts.

We remove the gasket and hinges and set them aside.

Each element will be covered with two strips of film. The first will start from the side and arrive at the inner edge.

The second will start from the opposite side and will join the other on the inside stop.

Let’s start the application. We fix the film on the front with pieces of adhesive tape.

We make the film adhere with the spatula and gradually remove the tape.

We heat the film and shape it on the edge.

We continue the application on the adjacent side.

We remove the excess film with the cutter.

Now we shape the internal stop, helping us with the spatula for the edge, making sure that the film enters the hollow where the gasket we removed at the beginning was located.

With the cutter we cut right at the slot and remove the excess film.

Finally, we remove the film at the ends of the piece.

Let’s move on to the second part.

We use the same process.

Here is the finished piece, you can clearly see the uncovered recess where we are going to reinsert the gasket.

We heat the film at the handle plate to make it adhere better.

With the cutter we cut in correspondence of the slot.

Let’s reassemble the plate.

We remove the film covering the holes.

The piece is ready, all that remains is to carry out the procedure on the other two and reassemble them together.
Here is the final result, complete with door:

You can view the videotutorial:

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