Tutorials 23

Renew a shelf


We show you all the steps of applying film to a normal shelf.


Flat surface






Masking tape

Cleaning cloth

Sprayer containing water or neutral detergent

Let’s renew this quite ruined shelf:

We want to cover the sides too, so we abound with measurements.

We cut the film with the cutter, helping us with the rear grid. It doesn’t matter to be too precise at this stage, we will remove the excess film later.

Let’s make sure we have enough margin.

Let’s clean the surface well.

We lay the film flush with the edge. We apply some paper tape to keep it fixed.

Let’s take care of the application now. We remove the back paper for a while and spread the film.

We remove the adhesive tape and proceed along the surface of the shelf with the help of the spatula.

Once this step is completed we heat the film on the edge to make it adhere to the front side.

We use the spatula to spread the film also on the side.

With the cutter we engrave the angle at about 45 °.

We close a flap of film on the side.

We remove the excess part.

We turn the shelf and apply the bottom side.

We remove the excess part leaving about 1 cm of margin.

Now we can apply the film also on the smaller side.

Let’s move on to cover the bottom side.

We trim the edges.

We finished! Let’s see the comparison before and after:

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