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Outside Corner Application of adhesive film: Visible option


We have already spoken in another tutorial on how to apply our film on corners and edges.

There are three basic ways for the application on the corners and in this tutorial we see the method known as “visible”. Very similar to the European method for most of the stages except you can leave the part at an angle in view. We see the following as the execution is carried out.


“Visible” corner


Easy / Medium



Hair dryer or heat gun

Artesive Squeegee

Caution. Video Tutorial
Also we want to show the technique through video illustrating the procedure in a precise manner. We used a small piece of film on a regular corner. In your case the process will be carried out on the surface you are covering.
The procedure is simple and is preferable when the angle on which you work on is precise and defined.

After applying the film on the flat surface, firstly, decide which side of the film’s border remains in excess and therefore needs to be cut.

Remember: unlike the European version the most visible is in this case “close” to the end, so always think before starting execution.

outside vista 01

We always leave approximately 4/5 cm on each side. We proceed with fixing the coating along the edge of the most prominent side, using the heat gun to warm slightly and secure better across the board.

We do not close the lower side, so leave it open.

We take our cutter (preferably with long blades) and apply a cut of about 45 °, starting from the top point of the angle to the end of the film.

ATTENTION: this cut needs to be done very precisely. When done right the rest comes naturally. How’s that? In theory, the exact centre of the upper approx 45 ° tilt, slightly less than too open ended. We suggest you cut starting slightly above the centre of the angle instead of slightly below as in this case, can still be trimmed correctly, however, if you cut too much in, it is almost impossible to recover.

outside vista 02

This step comes with practice and making small mistakes is normal if you’ve never done it before. Remember that in 80% of cases, small defects are not noticed.

outside vista 03

We then apply the part with the 45 ° cut on the opposite edge.

outside vista 04

The method of “on demand” expected at this point that the corner is not cut at 45 °, but is simply trimmed off the excess and closed the lower edge. Subsequently covering with the other part of the film will remain so in view, but will not notice the cut line. Let’s see the next steps and you will understand.

outside vista 05  outside vista 06

Now cut horizontally the part of the film which exceeds the corner and cut down to 30 ° and apply the bottom of the film on the opposite side of the surface.

outside vista 07   outside vista 08

After applying the film on the first edge close the side less visible, which of course will always have an angle of 45°.

outside vista 09

We apply the film on the board but do not attach to the opposite side, leave it open.

outside vista 11  outside vista12

Adjust the corner if it is not perfectly straight and close like we did before, that is, cutting the excess film and closing the bottom edge on this side.

outside vista 13

Here’s how it looks. The corner in view will have a cutting line more visible, but if done properly will still be pleasing to the eye, while the side view will be covered in more and less visible.
Done. Your angle is completed.

See the full Video

ATTENTION: In the video we did a lot of attention to perfection of execution deliberately, because our priority was to show the correct steps to be performed.

The application of the film is a technique to be learnt and perfection comes with practice.  It is possible to correct mistakes, so do not be discouraged if your corner is not perfect initially, it is normal !!

Try and try again if you are a beginner and ask for advice if necessary. We are here for.


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