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How to apply the adhesive film on corners


How to apply the film on a corner correctly? This is indeed a sticking point, but in this tutorial we will show how easy and affordable it can be.







Heat gun or hair phone

Spatula for application

At some point in the application you have all wondered: how do I apply the film to the corner of the table or another piece of furniture?

It sounds like a complex problem, but the solution is actually quite simple! This tutorial will explain step by step how to make a correct application in this critical point.

First of all, let’s make sure we have, in addition to our film:

  • a sharp cutter
  • the spatula (optional)
  • a heat gun (a hair phone is fine too)

Let’s begin.

  1. We choose a side from which to start. We heat the film starting from the central point. In this way it will be easily conformable and we can shape it with the fingers and with the help of the spatula. In case small folds form, do not worry! Just heat the affected area, remove the film and proceed with a new application.
  2. Once we get to the corner, starting from the vertex, we make a 45 ° cut with the cutter.
  3. We now have two distinct flaps, one on each side. We make a flap on one so that it does not bother us, and we proceed to close the other.
  4. We engrave the side applied with the cutter about half a centimeter from the edge, to remove the excess film.
  5. We then move on to the lower side. We make another cut, this time oblique as shown in the figure. In this way, when we close the lower side under the table, there will be no protruding parts of the film.
  6. We do the same procedure for the other side, but this time we will cut off the excess.
  7. Finally we also close this side under the edge of the table.

The angle application is complete! Thanks to this technique the various parts of the film will be well joined together and will also make this critical point visually pleasing.


This tutorial is also available in video!

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