Tutorials 22

Front application without borders


In this tutorial we will see a simple application in which we will consider only the facades of the elements of a piece of furniture, not the sides.


Covering on wardrobe


Easy / Medium




Heat gun or hairdryer

Cleaning cloth

Sprayer containing water or neutral detergent

Let’s renew the facade of this sideboard:

First of all we disassemble the handles and leave the doors in place.

We cut all the pieces of film we need, helping us with the rear grill. We consider a certain margin on all sides, to be sure not to leave small parts uncovered. We are going to cut the excess film later.

Let’s proceed with a simple application on each surface.

We define the corners with our fingers.

We engrave the edges with the pop corner or with the help of the cutter and remove the excess film.

This way the film will only be visible on the front.

We can do the same thing for the sides of the sideboard and for the inside of the niches.

We remove the excess film.

We do the same thing for the drawers.

We use an opaque film for the glass doors. We humidify the surface to ensure a better grip on the glass. With the help of the spatula we remove the excess water.

To top it all off, we use a satin steel effect film to cover the base of the furniture.

We also cover the zipper covers, helping us with the heat gun.

Here is the final result:

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