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Create a slatted effect with the wood effect adhesive film


There is no single way of applying the film. You can indulge yourself by creating different patterns and textures. In this tutorial we will use a wooden panel that we will cover with strips of film properly cut and positioned to create a “slatted” effect.


Superficie piana






Heat gun or hairdryer

Ruler or square

We hide the cables of this desk from view with a creative solution.

We prepare a shaped wooden panel.

We use 10 cm wood effect mini rolls. We will use them as slats.

We use two different colors to give contrast, the texture is very similar.

We have chosen 80 cm as the length of the slats. So let’s cut the film with the cutter, helping us with a metal square to make a straight cut.

We prepare all the strips we need.

Let’s move on to the application. It will be quick and easy. Let’s start from a bottom corner. It is important to be perfectly leveled with the underside so that subsequent layers are applied straight.

We apply the adjacent film, choosing it of the darkest color. Make sure to overlap the side of the one already applied by about 1 mm, so as not to have spaces between the slats and to keep the films fixed to each other.

We cut a piece of foil to complete the first row.

Let’s proceed with the application of the second band. Let’s use another size for the first film. In this way we will get a parquet style. We also make a small overlap on the lower band. This applies to all subsequent bands.

We cover the entire surface. Let’s not worry about the curved parts for now.
Once finished we will have a situation like this:

We turn the panel over and heat the film on the edges with the help of the heat gun.

We shape the film along the curved sides and close it on the back side.

We remove the excess part, making sure to leave at least a couple of centimeters.

To improve the aesthetics we decided to also cover the rear panel.

Here is the finished panel:

We can also use different combinations, such as those listed below:

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