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Continuous red brick texture application


This tutorial explains how to correctly repeat the brick texture so that it appears continuous on a wall, without gaps.


Continuous wall


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In this tutorial we will apply a strip of vinyl with Red Brick texture (ST-07) on the MDF wall panels of our studio.

We will apply a strip of 1m high for a total length of 4m.

The brick-effect texture has the particularity of repeating itself horizontally and vertically every 120-125 centimeters. So we have to order the 122cm width, being the only one suitable for our purpose.

In our case we want to cover 4m. How do we know how many bands we need? Just follow a simple rule: we multiply the number of meters by 1.2, the approximate value that corresponds to the width of the roll in meters. We get 4m x 1.22 = 4.80m

Then we will order a roll 122 cm wide and 5 meters long, the closest available measure to the obtained value.

The vinyl will come to you in a roll like the one below. If we unroll it you will see that on the back there is a grid measuring centimeters, very convenient to help us in the cut.

Let’s proceed with the application of the first band. We take the necessary steps and mark appropriate checkpoints to help us go straight. We try to stay in contact with the side edge of the panel. In this phase we must be particularly careful and be precise: if the first part is applied correctly, the following bands will be straight in turn.

Let’s proceed with a simple application, from top to bottom, with the help of the spatula. Then with the cutter we remove the excess vinyl.

Let’s proceed with the application of the second band. The critical step is to make a correspondence between the bricks of the two adjacent bands. As you can see, the repetition is not flush with the vinyl, but remains 5-6 centimeters from the edge. So it will be necessary to make an overlap, so much for such a lively texture it will not even be noticed.

We apply the left part first, in order to check the correspondence. If we verify that everything is in place, with the help of the spatula we apply the vinyl starting from the left side and gradually we move horizontally to the right.

Also in this case we cut at the bottom and trim the edge of the skirting board, removing the excess film.

We continue in the same way for the other bands.

Arrived at an angle as in our case, we suggest you proceed with the application horizontally, not vertically, removing the back paper on the left side, not on the top.
This operation is advisable to do it in two people.

In our case the second wall is made up of MDF panels. Before application, it was grouted to cover any holes, smoothed and then an anti-dust primer was applied only in the grouted points to ensure greater adherence to porous surfaces.

We have finished the application, this is the result. As you can see, you do not notice any joints at a glance or even approaching.

Obviously we will also finish the upper edges. We will complete the rest of the walls of our studio later. By means of other tutorials we will show you other application techniques.

See also the videotutorial:

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