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Application on the inside curved side of a desk


In this tutorial we want to show you how to renovate a desk, of a well-known Swedish brand. We will show you the application both on the curved inner side, both on the rest of the sides, and on the upper parts.
We will use this desk for a work station.


Curved corner


Easy / Medium




Heat gun or hairdryer


We want to renew this desk, which features an internal curved side.

First of all we disassemble it in its parts to facilitate application.

For the sides we use a film strip. It can be a MiniRoll or a strip cut from a wider film. In this case we have chosen the TEC-019 model. For the top we have instead chosen a solid blue color MA-018.

Let’s start with applying the strip on the straight side. We place it centrally, leaving a top and bottom margin.

We continue normally on the curved side and on the other straight side.

Let’s go back to the first side and fix it. We make the cuts on the corners, then we heat with the heat gun to spread the film on the top and bottom.

We then proceed to the incision of the edge, leaving a margin of about half a centimeter, in order to allow the overlapping of the film that we are going to apply on the surface. We remove the excess film.

We do the same thing on the lower face.

Let’s move on to the curved side. We are going to engrave the upper part with cuts spaced about 10 cm, for the whole length of the side, but without reaching the top because we need a whole margin. This technique facilitates the application on curved parts.

We heat the film with the heat gun or hair dryer and apply.

As usual we cut about half a centimeter from the edge and remove the excess film.

For the lower floor we can also not finish. We leave a more abundant margin, the grip will be greater. On the upper part, however, the film will be held in place by the one on the surface that we will apply.

We complete the entire perimeter.


Let us now turn to the application of the plan. In this case there is the curved side, so to facilitate the operation we remove the excess part, which we can reuse. We keep 3 or 4 centimeters of margin.

We carry out a normal application, using the spatula to spread the film well.

Once the upper part is finished, with the cutter we remove most of the film. Then, being more careful, we trim the edges well with a diagonal cut. Using the PopCorner facilitates this type of edge operation.

And here is the final result. In this case we have deliberately applied two different films, to show you the result more clearly. You can use the same film to make everything more homogeneous.

The desk part with the curved corner is ready. Let’s move on to the second part. After applying the film on the sides we cover the top. For the upper part we use different films: these fantastic solid colors, MA-026 and MA-022.

We want to obtain a different result than usual: a two-color plane, with a jump on the diagonal. So let’s proceed with the first draft, from one corner to the opposite. Not exactly on the diagonal: we leave that extra half centimeter for the overlap.

We normally proceed with the drafting.

Then we trim, always with the blade at 45 °.

Now let’s apply the other film. Unfortunately it was cut the wrong way and we don’t have enough to cover everything. No problem, we’ll add a third color to our composition. We apply the film by positioning it on the overlap, this time exactly at the corners.

For the last piece we will use an ivory white MA-039.

Also in this case we overlap the film already applied. Then we trim.

And here is the final result of this part. Not bad, even if it wasn’t the original idea.

The desk is completed. We can use it as a work station. After a year there are no signs of detachment.


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