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Application of self-adhesive films on corners and edges


In this tutorial you will find out about the techniques for applying a self-adhesive film along edges and in the corners of a surface.


Standard on flat surface with corners and edges




Cleaning cloth

Cleaning brush



Paper tape

Artesive Squeegee

Sprayer for water

Hair dryer or heat gun

Step 1. We apply the self-adhesive film on the flat surfaceFollowing the directions of the Basic Tutorial called “Applying based self-adhesive film” that can also be found in our website, proceed with the application of the self-adhesive film on the surface. The difference is that in this case you’ll have more room along the edges and the corners. At least 10cm on each side of abundance. Remember.

Step 2. We improve our application.Many do not know that one of the tricks to applying a self-adhesive film and to prevent the formation of air bubbles is the use of water. With the help of a spray you can spray water directly onto the surface in order to moisten it. This causes many air bubbles which are added between them by creating a single larger bubble which is consequently easier to remove. Also, when the surface is slightly wet the possible detachment of the film if it needs to be repositioned becomes easier.

Step 3. We arrive at the corners

Stick the self-adhesive film on the corners suggested to apply appropriate primer to seal our film along difficult areas like corners or edges. We suggest that you sand the surface with fine paper along the edges and corners before application and clean them thoroughly with soap and water. Smoothing allows a greater adherenceBe sure to have enough abundance of film on the sides, as 10cm has been advised

Step 4. The use of hot air

With the help of a hair-dryer or even better; a heat gun, heat the film slightly. The Artesive self-adhesive films are conformable  and consequently you will notice almost immediately a considerable increase of its softness and its elasticity. This allows you to apply the self-adhesive film along the edges of your surface and to create smoothness across the edgeCAUTION. The higher the heat , the greater soft and supple your film will become, but it could also raise the flexibility on the flat part where it has already been applied . To avoid this, we suggest that you heat only a little and uniformly.

Step 5. conformablility of the self-adhesive film

When it is soft enough we grasp the self-adhesive film from step 1 as shown in the drawing on the side and carry it to the opposite side behind the edge. If you need to warm it up a little more with your hair dryer, proceed in the same way as in Step 2, 3, 4 and 5, then the angle from the center outwards.The self-adhesive film must go uniformly behind the edge. Do not be afraid to “pull” because if heated properly this can be easily stretched.

If you have to do both corners or edges, we recommend always starting from every angle and then finish the edges.

“Pulling” the self-adhesive film behind the edge is normal so that the side opposite the formation prevents wrinkles. This will not matter because the film is confomable and doing this will leave only the last part with wrinkles. Make sure that only at the opposite side at least 1 cm of the self-adhesive film is applied well, without wrinkles because it will be to the point where it will cut subsequently. If this does not happen, heated and drawn again until you have at least 1 cm of smooth film on the opposite side.

Step 6. Finish
Once applied well along edges and edges it is time to trim the self-adhesive film. Cut with a cutter along the back of the panel, while maintaining at least 1 cm in the applied film. Remember that the self-adhesive film has a good grip after about 4/5 days from its application, if you want to be more sure of accession applied along the cut edge of a strip of paper tape that you are going to remove after about 5 days. This will keep even the best self-adhesive film in the correct position until the maximum adhesion.

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