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Application of self-adhesive film on Curve Corner or Full Angle


In this tutorial we will show you how to overcome the obstacle “Full Angle” or Curves Corners, and use the advantages of a conformable film to not show any cut or overlap along the edge.

This technique can be used in the situation where the angle is very much in view, or is not perfectly squared.

It can be used for curved corners also will close. Caution. To perform this technique requires a minimum manual, we suggest you do the practice tests on some corners with small pieces of foil before using it on the final product.


“A hot” on both straight and curved corners





Hairdryer or Heat Gun

Artesive Squeegee

Caution: Video Tutorial

Also in this case we want to show the technique through video showing the procedure in a precise manner. We used a small piece of film on the corner is not perfectly smooth. In your case, obviously the process will be carried out on the surface you are covering.

The procedure is relatively simple.

full corner 01

They leave about 4/5 cm margin on each side. With the aid of the hair dryer or a heat gun (sorry but in our video was a little angry !!) heats the center of the corner is not yet applied until you feel the film soft and very flexible. It lays the heat gun, and with two hands “pulls” the film down to apply it to the opposite side.

full corner 02

Warming the film becomes flexible and can adapt easily.

Pay no attention to wrinkles on the sides because then it will be taken. Focus on fasten the corner and make sure you apply to at least 3.2 mm on the opposite side (the one not in sight).

Cooling instead the film is “fixed” and is applied to the surface.

full corner 03

Resume sides by heating again, but with less intensity than before, because in this case we only want to remove any creases and wrinkles and apply the border to the opposite side. You can help with the spatula for application but this procedure can also be performed manually.

Once applied on the corners and along the edges it’s time to trim the rest of the excess film.

full corner04

If possible, use a precision cutter blade thin and long to get a better result. We are incised along the whole lower perimeter maintaining ca 2 / 3mm away from the edge.

After we remove the excess film.

full corner 05

At this point, the options are two: either leave the back side without anything as it is a part not in view, or we also apply the opposite side with another film surmounting the one just applied of 2 / 3mm (the same that we left margin) so to make it more stable and ensure a more satisfying result also to the sight.

See the Full Video

ATTENTION: In the video we did a lot of attention to perfection of execution deliberately, because our priority was to show the correct steps to be performed.The application of the film is a manual labor, perfection comes with the evidence and with the mistakes then correct themselves, so do not be discouraged if your corner is not perfect initially, it is normal !!

Try and try again if you are a beginner and ask for advice if necessary. We are here for!

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