Request for Replacement

With this form you can enter all the information necessary to make your replacement.

Once sent, you will receive a confirmation email with the acceptance of the replacement and we will proceed to collect the material directly at the address indicated.

    1. Preliminary information

    Name and Surname*
    Order Number*
    Where did you buy?*

    2. Choose which product to replace

    Which product do you want to replace?*
    Quantity to be returned?*
    Reason for Replacement*

    3. Indicate the reason

    Specify the reason for the replacement better
    Add images to help us understand the motivation better (max. 5 images)

    4. Product replacement

    Is the product collection address the same as the address where we delivered your order?*

    Please indicate the collection address below*

    5. Choose which product you want to replace your order with

    If you are still not sure which model you want to request, first order the samples , in in order to avoid further substitutions. The samples are free, you only pay the shipping fee.
    Product code (the one indicated in the sheet of the chosen model)*
    Quantity needed?*

    6. Conclusion

    After sending this request you will have to wait for our approval (usually within 24 working hours). We will send you an email indicating both any replacement costs and instructions to complete the replacement.

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