New site ONLINE

If you see the home page as it appears on the right side of the image WELCOME! You are on the new site!

If you placed an order by September 16, it may be that you are unable to view previously placed orders in your account.

This is normal. Do not worry. By updating the site, the server has also been changed and since it was not possible to transfer past orders, those placed before the update cannot be viewed on the new site. Your old orders have still been registered and will be processed normally.

Everything will work smoothly, there will be no problems with shipments and payments, you will receive all notifications.

From this moment on, your new orders will be registered on the new site. Your credentials if you have registered your account should be the same as the old version.

If you have other difficulties with your orders write to us at

Browsing the new site you may encounter small bugs or imperfections / deficiencies. Any suggestion is invaluable!

For suggestions or other use the contact form here

Happy renovation!

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