Ideas and trends #3

Happy New Year renovators and renovators! 2022 is here too!
The holidays have already passed, but the spirit and the heat of the holidays lasts at least until January 6th. The day of the famous “epiphany that all parties take away”.

To keep the holiday mood high, today we take a tour to discover our shiniest and most special adhesive films.
Those models that are able to make an environment, even the most classic, immediately unique and interesting.
Platinum, gold, velvet and carbon … there really is something for everyone!

Let’s find out together!


TEC-012 Carbon Style

The Carbon Style model faithfully reproduces the technical material, thanks to the woven effect it simulates real carbon. A texture that can also be felt to the touch, perfect for giving a hi-tech and industrial look to any furniture in your home or office. Matte effect.


TEC-015 Platinum Satin

The Satin Platinum model is part of the Tech Line. The color is light gold and takes up a spectacular metallic effect. The surface is highly sensitive to the touch with a slightly iridescent brushed effect. Matte finish.


TEC-016 Satin Gold Matt

The Satin Gold model has a bright gold color with a brushed finish. A hi-tech appeal for a perfect texture to create bright and modern details in your home. The surface is largely sensitive to touch with a vertical brushed effect with respect to the length of the roll. Matte finish.


TEC-017 Satin Steel Matt

The Satin Steel model is part of the Tech Line. It has a design that incorporates the same texture of a sheet of steel. The surface is highly sensitive to the touch with a slightly iridescent brushed effect. Matte finish.


TEC-018 Iron stone

The Iron Stone model is one of the latest born in the Artesive house. A little iron, a little stone. It takes on the color of the mineral in its purest form. A unique effect of its kind. To the touch, the effect is not smooth but slightly rough to give a greater sensory perception. The color is a dark anthracite, at times iridescent.


TEC-030 Velvet Anthracite

With the Velvet line, we wanted to take it one step further. A velvet effect very similar to the real material, this result obtained from a very particular process that makes the film soft to the touch and gives it an absolutely incredible feeling. This particular model is not conformable and therefore must be applied without the use of the heat gun.


ST-010 Sicily Pearl Marble Matt

The Perlato di Sicilia model resumes in all respects the texture of real marble, with its explosion of veins and designs consistent with those of the material in nature. The tone is beige with more intense brown strokes. The finish is matte to further enhance the feel of real stone. The surface is completely smooth.


WD-011 Pearl Ash Opaque

The Frassino Perlato model is of an iridescent pearl color as if it were lacquered, it offers a wonderful effect, perfect also for classy details, with veins sensitive to the touch, just like with real wood. Matte finish, has the grain in a vertical direction with respect to the length of the coil.


WD-027 Natural Maple Luxury

The Luxury Natural Maple model has a light and warm color that recalls the cream color. It is similar to the WD-029 Natural Maple model, but has an iridescent note that embellishes the film and makes it unique. It has a light embossing and the veins are vertical to the length of the coil.


Aren’t they all special and beautiful? Surely able to embellish any environment!
Discover all the models on the site

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