Ideas and trends #1

Last Thursday the Artesive staff went to the Salone del Mobile to discover the new trends in interior design for you. New colors, new combinations and new styles to make your home always comfortable and fashionable. Discover them with us!

1. Gold

It was impossible not to notice this new trend! Many companies, for the new 2022 collections, have focused on this particular color.
Gold has always been synonymous with well-being and prosperity, but be careful to use it in furnishings! The advice is to use it only for details and accessories so as not to make the final result too heavy.
In addition, it is advisable to combine it with black, just as the new trend proposes, or with pastel shades such as pink or blue, or with green, another new trend that we will see in the next points.


2. Marble

A classic material that has never gone out of fashion, but which is now fully returning to the center of attention. Used for tables, coffee tables, furniture, kitchen shelves and so on and so forth.
So a great protagonist of the new trends is certainly him: marble. White, black, gray, green, pink. In all its shades and colors.
Here are some combinations we have studied for you.



3. Contrasts

The Salone del mobile proposes a series of contrasts that make the rooms interesting and lively. The new fashion is to combine industrial materials (such as steel) with natural materials such as wood or stone. Or you can aim for color contrasts using complementary colors or different and very saturated colors.
Here you can find some suggestions.


4. Sustainability

This year the Salone del Mobile put sustainability at the center of attention. Some companies have done the same, offering furnishings that included the use of many plants (or papers that represented them), natural materials and comfortable seating. The final effect is somewhat reminiscent of the Nordic style.



5. Green

Perhaps this new trend was also influenced by the theme of sustainability.
We are ready to bet that in 2022 the most popular color will be green, including all its shades: from the lightest to the petrol green, which was probably the most used at the show.
Often combined with gold or marble which, as we said above, are two other big trends coming up. Green plants and nature.
At Artesive, we have made sustainability a fundamental value and we always suggest renovating your environments and furniture, instead of replacing them.



On our site you can already find many solutions to make your home fashionable according to these new trends, but soon we will further update the product catalog to provide you with other films that reflect the new trends.

16/09/2021 - Articles

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