Furniture expo and sustainability

02The Salone del mobile will finally return to Milan on Sunday 5 September.
After a 2020 without fairs and events, even if this fair will be a little different, we will certainly know how to enjoy it to the fullest.

The main theme of this “Supersalone” will be sustainability. Each part of the set-up is in fact created with recycled materials and designed to be reused. In addition, to welcome visitors at the entrance, there will be 200 trees that will then be moved to the Milanese metropolitan area.

At Palazzo Serbelloni there will even be Heineken’s Greener Bar, a completely sustainable bar, with a calendar of meetings on the theme of sustainability.

Sustainable development is now rightly at the center of attention in all fields, including fashion and design. More and more brands are using recycled, recyclable, recycled materials, etc. and more and more people who adhere to this philosophy, both for home and office furnishings.

According to a recent Nielsen study, 72% of millennials and generation Z are willing to pay more for green products.

The main aim of sustainable development is to have the least possible environmental impact, thereby creating the least amount of waste possible.
So what’s the most sustainable thing we can do?

Use what we already have without buying new items!

Making the most of everything we already own is certainly the best strategy for both the environment and our pockets: we reduce waste, save money and avoid polluting for the transport and production of new items.

Obviously this does not mean that something should not be renewed if there is a need or desire, but there are different methods to renew without replacing.
Starting with fashion, we remind you that clothes can be repaired or changed by a tailor. If you no longer like the color, they can be dyed with special products that are easily available at the supermarket or they can be given away or given away if still in good condition. You will be amazed at how much you can extend the life of your clothes with a minimal expense.

In the field of design, on the other hand, it is possible to renovate the rooms by trying to change the colors: did you know that by painting a single wall in a different color it is possible to give more depth to the room?
Or you can try to change the color of the furniture or the kitchen, it will be a demanding job but it will surely give you a lot of satisfaction and the environment will thank you.
If you are not very skilled with paint and brushes, have you ever thought about using adhesive films?
They are practical, economical and guarantee a quality result!

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02/09/2021 - Articles

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