Back from vacation: 5 tips to better deal with it.

Wake up late, a rich and relaxed breakfast, two steps to get to the beach and all day lying on the sun bed enjoying the sun, the sea and good company: adapting to the holiday routine is simple, returning to normal is much less. On the other hand, mid-August has already passed for a few days, work is calling us and in a few weeks the school year will start again, it’s time to get back to reality!
Don’t worry though, we have 5 precious tips in store for you to better deal with the re-entry syndrome.

1. Take it easy
In the first days of returning to the routine it is important to try to maintain the state of well-being that we have achieved during the holidays, so the main advice is to do everything calmly and organization. Set the alarm a little earlier in the morning and enjoy breakfast in peace, prepare lunch in the evening to have more time on break, organize your work in order to allow yourself a few short breaks, do not rush to wash and iron: dirty linen does not run away.
In short, there are several ways to be able to enjoy the first few days without anxiety. Sure, it all takes a little bit of effort and organization, but your mood will surely thank you.


2. Enjoy the rest
On vacation it is easy to exceed the recommended 7/8 hours of sleep and, at times, it is also healthy to allow yourself a little more rest to recover. Obviously, adjusting to normal can be tiring, so it would be wise to go to bed early in the evening, at least initially, and enjoy a good, restful sleep.
A warm shower or bath, herbal tea before bedtime, relaxing music or a light reading can help to help you fall asleep. Seeing is believing.


3. Eat well
An important part of the holidays is good food, especially for us Italians, although sometimes we tend to overdo it a bit. In this case, the advice is to devote time to cooking, trying to experiment with new recipes, perhaps favoring the lighter ones for dinner so as not to hinder digestion.
Are meals also a moment of conviviality and aggregation, a dinner with friends or family on the weekend?


4. Contact with nature
If returning to the office is traumatic, don’t forget that there is a world outside those four walls.
Contact with nature has always been one of the best ways to free your mind and recharge. Give yourself time in open spaces, whether it’s for a walk after dinner or reading a book lying in the hammock, the important thing is to be surrounded by greenery and savor every noise and nuance.


5. Small touches at home
Whether you have been in a mountain cabin or in a luxurious hotel by the sea, we are sure that crossing the threshold of the house was a bit traumatic. Have you never thought about renovating any environment? Loving one’s home is essential for psychophysical well-being. You could be inspired by a vacation location that you particularly enjoyed or look for the latest interior design trends. There are endless possibilities to modernize a room, but what is certain is that with our Artesive films you can have an extremely high quality result at a reasonable price. Check for yourself


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26/08/2021 - Articles

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