Are you ready for Black Friday?

For many people, November is a bit of a sad month: the onset of true cold, shorter days and, often, gray skies.
There are actually many reasons to appreciate this month too and one in particular… shopping!
In fact, November is the month of Black Friday!


Let’s find out what it is …


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Black Friday was born in America and tradition has it that it arrives the day after Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.
Black Friday is the date that officially kicks off the Christmas period and, above all, Christmas shopping. So much so that it is seen by many financial analysts as an indicator of the propensity to consume and spend.

There are several theories on the origin of the name, the most likely seems to be that “black friday” would have to do with the books of the shops. Originally, the losses were marked in red, while the gains in black and after the day of discounts, of course, the pages were dyed dark by reporting all the sales made.

This day of crazy discounts then spread around the world, although not quite with the same emphasis that is perceived in America. In fact, in the US, Black Friday also becomes a reason for tourism, with discounts on flights and hotels and people also wait hours in line outside the shops to find the best deal.


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Last year, thanks to the pandemic, even the most skeptical Italian traders succumbed to the temptation of attracting (virtually) many customers in a single day and, on the other hand, many traditionalist customers let themselves be tempted by online shopping.
The good news is that this year, however, we will finally be able to do all our live shopping!

In the wake of the euphoria of these crazy discounts, Cyber ​​Monday was also recently born. Literally cyber Monday, it falls on the Monday after Black Friday and offers discounts especially on electronic products.


Renovators and renovators, now that we know the whole history of Black Friday, we just have to wait a few more weeks before going in search of the best offers. Take advantage of this shopping day and have fun (but remember to buy consciously)!


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What about us at Artesive? What are we preparing for Black Friday?
We can only anticipate that something will also happen on our site… stay connected!!


11/11/2021 - Articles

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