April Promotion


Valid from 01 April to 10 April 2021

  • Who can participate: All customers who purchase an Artesive product through the official artesive.com website, excluding products in the “accessories”, “special” and “glass” categories.


  • How does it work: Buy your Artesive film within the categories “wood effect”, “solid color”, “stone effect”, “technical”. For every purchase made with a width of 60,90 0 122cm, you will have the possibility to receive the same quantity of the same model with a width of 30 cm! Just add 1 € to your order! For example: if you order 5 meters of 60cm WD-001 film, adding 1 € to the cart will add another 5 meters with a width of 30cm!

To use this promotion, all you have to do is order the necessary material, once you go to the cart you will find a button that will ask you if you want to apply the promotion by adding 1 € to your order. In the total you will find a line indicating the promotion activated and the amount will be changed automatically. At this point you will only have to complete your order.

  • Advantages: The advantages of this initiative are manifold. Anyone who needs to renovate surfaces with different widths, such as doors with frames, kitchens with drawers or cabinets with drawers, can order the film with greater square footage and obtain the material to complete the narrower elements by adding only € 1

Let’s see a practical example .. if I have to renovate a door and I want to apply the film both on the facade and on the frame, I can take advantage of this promotion and order the width 90cm x 5 meters (example) and by adding 1 € I will be able to receive another 5 linear meters of 30cm with which I will be able to complete my frame as this has a width of less than 30cm .. all this is fantastic !!

  • Limits of use: The promotion is only valid for 10 days during the month of April 2021. Each participant can use the promotion only once. It is necessary to order a width greater than 30cm to take advantage of the promotion. It is not valid if the 30cm width is ordered (the quantity is not duplicated). Other restrictions may apply without notice. This promotion could be concluded before the indicated duration in the event that Artesive Srl deems it appropriate to pursue this action.


  • The promotion cannot be combined with other offers in progress.
    * promotion usable only on the artesive.com website, not valid on external platforms
    ** 30cm films may suffer sudden stock outages, so some orders may be processed longer than usual.
  • The material received in promotion is NOT replaceable. So be sure of the quantity and model chosen, as no returns are made on these materials.
  • And no … it does not mean that if you change the quantities of the “PROMO” product in the cart, the quantity on offer is automatically duplicated.

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