Artesive Sample Catalog 022 Solid Colours

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Sample catalog Artesive Solid Colors 022.

This A5 format catalog contains 50 different models of solid color Artesive adhesive films.

On each page there are 2 film models, each measuring approximately 15 x 10 cm that can actually be used.

In fact each sample is removable and is perfect to be able to test it directly on the surface to be coated.

The models currently included in this catalog are:

  • MA-001 Absolute Matt White
  • MA-002 Matt Black
  • MA-004 Matt Cream White
  • MA-005 Matt Happy Yellow
  • MA-006 Orange Mango Matte
  • MA-007 Green Lime Opaque
  • MA-008 Orange Opaque
  • MA-009 Matt Red
  • MA-010 Opaque Light Pink
  • MA-011 Rosè Pink Opaque
  • MA-012 Lilac Opaque
  • MA-013 Opaque Burgundy Red
  • MA-014 Violet Opaque
  • MA-015 Pale Blue Opaque
  • MA-016 Sky Blue Opaque
  • MA-017 Italian Blue Opaque
  • MA-018 Petrol Blue Opaque
  • MA-019 Night Blue  Opaque
  • MA-020 Sugar Azure Opaque
  • MA-021 British Green  Opaque
  • MA-022 Reseda Green Opaque
  • MA-023 Light Green Opaque
  • MA-024 Bleached Green Opaque
  • MA-025 Turquoise Opaque
  • MA-026 Cosmos Grey Opaque
  • MA-027 Oliv Green Opaque
  • MA-028 Sage Green Matt
  • MA-029 Graphite Grey Matt
  • MA-030 Stone Grey Opaque
  • MA-031 Matt Light Grey
  • MA-032 Silk Grey Opaque
  • MA-033 Deep Beige Matt
  • MA-034 Matt Truffle
  • MA-036 Grey White Matt
  • MA-037 Opaque Hazelnut
  • MA-038 Beige Medium Opaque
  • MA-039 Matt Ivory
  • MA-040 Salmon Pink Opaque
  • MA-041 Apple Green
  • MA-042 Dark Brown MattMatt
  • MA-043 Moss Green Matt
  • LA-001 Glossy White
  • LA-002 Glossy Black
  • LA-003 Glossy White Pearl
  • LA-009 Glossy Red
  • LA-029 Glossy Graphite Grey
  • LA-030 Glossy Stone Grey
  • LA-031 Glossy Light Grey
  • LA-033 Glossy Deep Beige
  • LA-041 Glossy Apple Green

The sample catalog is useful in cases of doubt about the choice of your Artesive film. You will be able to see and touch the models listed above and you can consult it whenever you wish.

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