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Free shipping on orders over 100 €

Normally shipped within 24/48 hours

30 day Easy Return

Artesive Alphabet™. Our Adhesive Films can talk

A new product for visual communication is born from Artesive films. Alphabet ™. Perfect pre-spaced letters to decorate your home and add a touch of personality to everything you want to make unique. From the office, to the business premises to your home, with Alphabet ™ you can create names, writings and logos.

Create, compose and have fun

Choose your favorite letter. Choose the effect among many options. Insert the quantity and compose your favorite word or phrase. Each letter is derived from Artesive films on roll, with the same characteristics of color, relief and adhesion. In the drop-down menu you will find all options available, add to cart and complete your order.

A single font, cool.

The Alphabet ™ project by Artesive currently features a single uppercase font in an elegant and modern style. Managing more characters and sizes involves a great commitment in terms of production, so at the moment is the only choice available. But we are working on implementing new fonts and new widths. The size varies from letter to letter, approximately it is 25cm in width and about 30cm in height.

Endless communication

From the “big boss” office to the children’s bedroom, with Alphabet ™ every room becomes communicative. Recreate your spaces and add all your personality.

Quality and Easy Application

Inside each letter there is a mini guide for the correct application. If you want to compose a word or phrase you can request the positioning template for free, which helps you to correctly apply your Artesive Alphabet ™.

The application is very easy. Just remove the back paper and apply directly to the surface to be customized. All the letters have the same adhesive seal as the Artesive films and therefore do not fear detachment even over time.

How to apply the self-adhesive film
The application of the film is usually done step by step. After taking the measurements, the necessary part is cut, leaving always a margin of tolerance. On the back of the film, a grid helps you make a precise and in-line cut.
The film is repositionable at first, so do not be afraid to make mistakes. To help you first wet the surface to be treated with water, it will help you not to immediately attack the film.
Once cut to size, the film is still placed with the protective sheet applied on the surface, stopping it with paper tape. Starting from one side only a small part of the adhesive protection is removed and glued to the surface.
Any air bubbles can be removed with the help of a spatula. When the first piece of film is applied, the paper protection sheet is removed step by step.
Do not remove everything, but one piece at a time, continuing to pass the spatula every time from the center to the outside removing air bubbles and any drops of water previously applied. When the application is complete remove the pieces of paper tape. Voilà, done!
Small Tips
  • If you need to make large surfaces, we suggest you to buy a small test roll, or a single roll, to verify that your imagination and color are exactly the ones you were looking for.
  • It is always better to apply the film lightly initially, to be sure of the correct positioning.
  • If you need larger films with larger sizes, you can contact us for a specific quote.
Technical specifications
  • Material: Polypropylene (PVC)
  • Thickness: 200 μ ± 10%
  • Narrowing margin: 2% ca
  • Minimum class of reation to fire: NPD does not fireproof material
  • Product term applied inside: min 5 years
  • Product term applied to the outside: ND
  • Repositionnable: No
  • Adhesive: Permanent acrylic.
  • Heat resistance: 180 ° C
  • Application method: dry
  • Optimal Application temperature: 15/30°C
  • Liner Material: Kraft thickness120 μ±10%
  • Certification: UNI EN 12149:1999
  • Warranty: 3 years internal use only
Download the data sheet and warranty
Download the data sheet and warranty

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